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“Red flags” in Crist-Seminoles gambling deal, Galvano says

by Dara Kam | August 31st, 2009

Shutting down the possibility of any kind of slot machine gambling at the state’s pari-mutuels and giving the Seminoles the right to offer blackjack at any of their casinos could jeopardize Crist and the tribe’s agreement, said state Rep. Bill Galvano, the House’s chief negotiator on the proposed compact.

“Those are red flags,” Galvano, R-Bradenton, said. “We’ll review from here and see where we go.”

Lawmakers laid out a gambling deal for Crist and the Seminoles in a bill the governor signed into law earlier this year.

That proposal allowed the Seminoles to keep blackjack at its Hollywood and Tampa Hard Rock resorts and to offer it at its Brighton and Big Cypress locales in Broward County.

The bill also didn’t mention “Class II” slot machines that look and play like Las Vegas-style slots but are less lucrative for operators.

The compact signed by Crist and the tribe today gives the Seminoles the exclusive rights to operate slots of any kind – including Class II video lottery terminals – anywhere outside of Broward and Miami-Dade counties where Las Vegas-style slots are already allowed.

That could have a devastating impact on the state’s dog and horse tracks, pari-mutuel operators object.

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4 Responses to ““Red flags” in Crist-Seminoles gambling deal, Galvano says”

  1. Buddy King Says:

    I am a real estate Broker in Bay County Florida and I support the bill signed today however it should not be limited to a few Florida counties. The bill should allow the Seminole Tribe of Florida to operate under the same
    bill in ALL counties in Florida.

  2. joe silver Says:

    Volusia county would be a GREAT place for a casino.. Get on with it..

  3. Save the whales Says:

    The state legistlators did not level the playing field for the Pari Mutuel properties who are following the letter of the law and paying more than their fair share of taxes. The legistlators allowed the indians to play illegal banked card games and would not even try to stop them. The legistlators failed to protect the Pari Mutuel properties in North Florida from the Indians monopoly of gambling. Crist was wrong when he said in a letter that the Indians deserve exclusitivty of bank card games. This gives the Indians 15 years of banked card games, does that sound fair? Department of Revenue is going to oversee Florida’s fair share of the revenue. The Indians dont even follow or enforce their own Internal Controls. Theses legistlators who voted on the compact which gave the Indians a gambling monopoloy at 7 of their casinos will reap a terrible world win of complaints, dont be suprised if theses Represenatives are voted out of office for failing to act on a great American Principle knowing the difference between right and wrong.

  4. Tom Clarke Says:

    It is ironic that the Seminole Tribe is willing to offer monies for decisions in their favorable benefit when they are a Sovran Nation and don’t have to abide by the other laws of the United States that all the rest of us have too. To operate a business with no liabilities is unconstitutional. Allowing the continued changes in the gambling laws without consequences is no benefit to the other citizens of this country. Change the legislation first or along with their request for one-sided benefits and see if they are still interested. The definition of gambling is the possibility of Loosing as well as Winning.
    Seminoles stand no chance of loosing.

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