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Palm Beach County GOP considers censuring Crist tonight

by George Bennett | August 12th, 2009

Palm Beach County’s Republican Executive Committee tonight will consider a resolution to censure Gov. Charlie Crist for bucking the GOP on a variety of matters.

Crist has been criticized by members of his own party for appearing with President Obama at a Fort Myers rally to promote the $787 billion economic stimulus plan. He’s been faulted for not campaigning for some local Republican candidates in 2008 and for appointing Democrats to various posts — including Priscilla Taylor to fill a Palm Beach County commission vacancy last month.

Across Florida. Republican executive committee members tend to be more conservative than the average GOP voter, just as Democratic committee members tend to be more liberal than the average Democrat. Crist has been censured by the Volusia County GOP and lost straw polls of GOP committee members in Highlands, Pasco and Lee counties to Marco Rubio, his rival in the 2010 Republican U.S. Senate primary.

Palm Beach County Republican Chairman Sid Dinerstein and other local GOP leaders oppose the motion to censure Crist. But there’s no telling how the entire committee, which has roughly 120 members, will vote.

Crist shrugged off the Volusia censure earlier this month, saying it had “not much” meaning to him.

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25 Responses to “Palm Beach County GOP considers censuring Crist tonight”

  1. Paul Slaight Says:

    It figures, we finally get a public offical who does things according to the wishes of the people who elected him and the GOP gets upset.Who do these people think they are?

  2. SFLmom Says:

    Here Here Paul!!! I couldn’t agree more….
    Some people want to stay “old school”, as if the old ways were getting us anywhere. Charlie, you have my vote because you are willing to do what the “People” want and not just what a select few would like.

  3. victor Says:

    This is why the republicans are in trouble. it is the same liberal ,b.s. show me any difference between dems and reps. have a great day,

  4. Riv Goshen Says:

    Would love to know which GOP leaders are in opposition of Crist. These clowns give the party that I belong to a bad name. Crist is making the decisions that benefit the people of Florida… not the GOP. Sounds like the heavy hitters are behind him… so i feel like he will be fine.

  5. nativewooder Says:

    The voters are tired of the goose-stepping rightwing ultra conservative “Christian” Republicrap.

  6. stu bum Says:

    he’ll be a dem before you know it… bum crist.

  7. gman Says:

    I could be mistaken , but does’nt Charlie work for everyone? Not just the Rep. party. This is such a joke!! Something needs to change in this country. Elected officials work for there constituents, not there party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe, what the rep party is saying is “WE MADE YOU !!! DO AS WE TELL YOU TÖ!”

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  9. Steve Says:

    Victor the Difference between the Dems and the Repubs as far as I can see is that the Dems govern for the people while the repubs govern for Big bussiness , I am a Dem and I like Crist because he is an american first then a party hack second .

  10. savant Says:

    The stimulus seemed like a good idea at the time but now with 20/20 hindsight the Guv is being attacked for supporting it.

  11. Riviera Beach Resident and Taxpayer Says:

    The true mistake he made was appointing Taylor to the PBC Commission.

  12. NATIVE Says:

    There is no difference between parties. Each canidate is beholden to there respective party. So, there is no room for independent thought! This is why our two party system has out grown its usefulness. We need a new system that encourages law makers to consider the people who actually elected them and not the party that put there money behind them.
    When are we going to finally ask for better representation!!


    This is precisly what is wrong with politics in this country today! Both sides refuse to allow someone to have an opinion other than the parties agenda. It is exactly what is destroying our great country and perpetuating hate for someone with a different point of view. I thought that this counrty stood for FREEDOM OF SPEECH!! Why will Repubs & Dems NOT allow elected officials to represent and
    voice their constituants opinions?

  14. Gene Says:

    This type of bullying by Republicans is exactly why I am breaking from the party. The GOP is almost anti democratic as they stifle new ideas. I am tired of them only supporting their views and not being open to new or BETTER philosophies. Their “trickle down” mentality only hurts those at the bottom because somewhere between the top and bottom someone figures out how to filter out the cash and leave those at the bottom with the dirt.

  15. CHARLIE Says:

    Bipartisanship at it’s best! It is what is destroying this country! What ever happened to freedom of speech, voting with conscience and representing the voters wishes?

  16. Big Johnson Says:

    Crist was elected to do what the people wanted not what the Republicans wanted. The Republicans should be ashamed of their party.

    Charlie bit my finger!!,, Says the Republicans.

  17. Roamin53 Says:

    The proof is that Charlie has no principals other than where he thinks he can get the most money for his future campaigns. And the big biz and their lobbyists are not with the grass roots Republicans. Crist is just another country club repub (RINO) which is as good as being a Demmy i.e. utterly lacking in principals or values. Might as well take Soros money.

  18. Gerald Crosby Says:

    Charlie Christ is just like any other politician, he knew of the deliberate negligence by city officials in Gulf Breeze, FL yet chose to ignore the issues, guess he thought the problem would just go away, my back is the problem and although I too wish it would just go away, its not any different one year later, I am still crippled. See the negligence on You Tube:

  19. NATIVE Says:

    Anyone who thinks a Rep is better than a Dem , or a Dem is better than a Rep is a complete moron. Neither care about you or your well being ……….except on election day!!! It is unarguable , the facts tell us we can not trust either to safe guard us from mass fraud( Madoff and Wallstreets other gamblers) nor can they keep our economy working for the long haul. Everything is a “quick fix” and nothing that either has done has contributed to sustained economic growth. Neither has shown they deserve our trust. I cant think of one politician , on either side that actually deserves trust and respect!! Partisan politics aside…………we are all screwed.

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  21. Joseph Poliakon Says:

    Charlie Crist is a Republican by Voter Registration Only. He is strictly a political opportunist, and goes along with and does what is required to gain cross-over votes from Independents and Democrats. Many Florida folks *Love* President Obama and his Progressive Programs…so-o-o-o…Gov Charlie *Luvs* Prez Obama and his Programs, too.

    Since becoming Governor of Florida, most all of Governor Crist’s actions have been to promote and sign legislation into law that will turn Florida into a *California Lite* — i.e. The New People’s Republic of Florida.

    Now Gov Crist is trying to figure out a way to *gracefully* anoint himself as the new U.S. Senator from Florida to fill Senator Martinez’s soon to be vacated Senate seat.

  22. mike Says:

    Republicans will do what they wish.

    Pretty soon, it won’t matter.

    I think they’re beginning to understand that and we are witnessing panic set in.

    There will be Republican strongholds in regions like the South, but, for that Party to have nationally viable candidates, they first have to run the gauntlet called the “Club For Growth” and overcome a base that isolates itself from mainstream America, insulated by 24/7 Right Wing cheerleading.

    Heck, if I didn’t know the results of the 2008 Elections, I could easliy believe that the entire USA thinks like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and the rest of that huge group of media activists.

    This 24/7 drumbeat provides a “Twight Zone” element to our current political discourse, encouraging a sliver of Americans, while telling them their marginilized views are those of the majority of Americans.

    Recently some of these individuals have begun to bring firearms to these political showdowns, further escalating the risk of violence, further marginilizing the Right Wing.

    Have fun at that meeting tonight!


    I hope they do censure him. He’s done a horrible job as Governor. The people who put him on the ticket have a right to expect that he govern in a manner that represents them. Obviously, more and more Republicans across the state think Crist has gone way off base just to get votes. Maybe the anger directed toward him isn’t just about the fact that they disagree with his decisions…maybe it’s about the fact that he’s a spineless vote chaser. I think that’s what bothers many. Crist tries to play both sides of the fence too much for me to have any respect for him.

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  25. Kevin Says:

    I like Charlie Christ. He almost always does the correct thing which is usually NOT the “Right” thing in my opinion. Censure from a county with a population of more people than teeth is nothing to be concerned about really. I only hope washington doesent ruin him when he becomes our Senator. Rock on Charlie!!!

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