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Obama popularity plummets 11 points, Q-poll finds; health reform a no-go

by Dara Kam | August 20th, 2009

Worries about President Obama’s health-care proposals have contributed to his plummeting popularity among Floridians, according to poll results released Thursday, leaving him in a virtual tie between those who approve and disapprove of his performance.

Obama’s 47-percent approval rating among likely Florida voters was the lowest in the nation of any poll conducted by Quinnipiac University. The president’s approval rating in Florida dropped 11 points since June, the poll found.

In Thursday’s results, 48 percent of likely Florida voters disapproved of Obama’s performance. The survey had a margin of error of 3 percent.

The poll also found that nearly three out of four Floridians don’t trust Obama to keep his promise to reform health care without increasing the federal budget deficit.

On the other hand, the poll found that a majority of voters — 58 to 36 percent — support creating a government-backed health insurance plan to compete with private insurers, despite protests from opponents who liken the concept to socialism.

Even some congressional Democrats have backed away from the government option, which is opposed by many insurance companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers and doctors.

Critics of the government plan say it would thwart competition. They warn that other provisions in which Medicare would pay for end-of-life counseling could lead to the creation of “death panels” and euthanasia.

The “death panel” claims are nonsense, health care experts agree. Most private insurers already pay doctors to perform the service, said University of Florida professor Paul Duncan, who had no role in the survey.

“This notion that people are going to sit around and decide whether to kill granny is utter fiction,” said Duncan, chairman of the UF Department of Health Services Research, Management and Policy.

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17 Responses to “Obama popularity plummets 11 points, Q-poll finds; health reform a no-go”

  1. ted Says:

    If you like socialism or communism then you are a fan of Obama’s views of America. If you are a freedom loving individual then you should be seriously concerned!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. One Shot, One Kill Says:

    This presidency has one term written all over it.

  3. Steve Maduri Says:

    When Obama got involved in the Cambridge Massachusetts professor incident i was alarmed. It was very obvious that Obama was not astute enough to stay out of a lose lose situation, and more importantly he has some deep seeded issues about race that he has picked up from the church in Chicago he attended.

  4. ELC Says:

    Personally, the man has a giant chip on
    his shoulder and if you don’t agree with
    him on any or every issue you are a traitor for life. He is a disaster as a
    President, which doesn’t surprise me at
    all. What scares me are his views and how he plans to implement them. I have
    my fingers crossed that he is a one term
    President-what scares me most is the
    damage he can do in that amount of time.
    I just hope that he continues to divide
    his own party-that’s to everyone’s benefit. To those who voted for him and
    are not happy now-well that’s just too
    bad-he sold you a bag of soot-now live
    with it.

  5. Big Johnson Says:

    You Republicans are bitter losers.
    You can’t concede without a jab. Face it you lost and Obama is the President.
    What was your alternative McLame and Palin Aka as DumbA$$.
    Oh yeah Bush was also a DumbA$$.

  6. Lou Says:

    It never fails. Obama won the election by a mile through everyone who voted for him and now he is going down in his rankings. You have to admit he has a great personality and an excellent gift of gab which had alot to contribute in his winning the election. Now people are seeing his changes are not so good and not happening. The entire system is so corrupt its disgusting and it will never change. Obama stood infront of television telling the world how great his health care is but the rest of us can’t have what he gets. Everything that happens in this country is all about money period no matter what it is. Its terrible that this country is in the shape it is. The government runs off all our factories to foreign countries cutting out American jobs. This country will be upside down for years but you can bet the rich will keep getting richer.

  7. mike Says:

    The new jobs report is out… another 567,ooo jobless claims! Jobs are still moving overseas because our government keeps taxing business in this country to the MAX>>> to fund their social engineering agendas … this is nuts, how can we stand by while our industrial base is driven into bankruptcy? the liberals in control are out for one thing, cripple initiative, cripple capitalism, force socialism down our throats, and keep themselves in power so they can continue to tell us our to live our lives! This is NUTS! its time to stand up and drive these people OUT OF OFFICE… starting with WEXLER and KLEIN.

  8. Leonard Eisenstein Says:

    It would be nice to see Wexler driven from Office but I fear that The Republicans have no one to offer as an alternative. Wexler has turned into a lackey of Obama’s fostering every futile Bill that is proposed by the White House. What a disasterous posistion to have taken. I guess he feels impregnable because of his huge War Chest amassed through the years of no competition. He has underestimated the Seniors who are the bulk of his constiuency who see this bill as devastating Medicare. $500 Billion taken out. Better care given. LOL

  9. alabasham Says:

    One term President. Who you gonna blame?

  10. Michael Says:

    Did everyone forget the downward spiral this country was in after 8 years of Bush/Cheney? We elected Obama and need to give him time to fix the mess we are in. Those of you throwing around terms like communism, socialism, we’re losing our freedom, etc. are fools who believe the lies that the right wing blowhards tell you. You’ll believe anything you are told because you are like a bunch of scared little children. Clueless and afraid of any change. 90% of what you think you know about health care reform is untrue, so your opinions are worthless. You lost the election, get ready for changes. You had your chance and failed miserably. Obama will succeed despite your efforts to keep us stuck in the mess your party created.

  11. Post On Politics » Blog Archive » Post on Politics - Says:

    [...] contributors to give to Democratic Congressmen who back a public health care option despite the toll the health care reforms have taken on President Barack Obama’s popularity here in [...]

  12. Mark Says:

    You can hide behind the flag, you can proclaimn yourself “freedom-loving” patriots, and even carry a Bible but beneath it all it is your racism that shi9nes most brigtly.

    After reading this post it is obviousl that Jim Crow is alive and well, living in South Florida.

  13. Leonard Eisenstein Says:

    To Micheal:

    I am sure you enjoyed the five years of spierling of house values going up and up and business booming in South Florida.Construction, biggest business in the US goin full blast. Didn’t hear you squawking then.

  14. robin Says:

    Why should you not have health care that is available for every one for both rich and poor alike. Why should money be going into insurance companies who clearly profit out of your health Care needs at the cost of your own health.

  15. Michael Says:

    To Leonard:
    I do not think that the out of control, unregulated mortgage lenders/banks were a good thing for this country. Where did those spiraling home values and booming construction business get us? I personally bought a modest home I can afford. By the way, your belief that healthcare reform will take $500 billion from medicare is another complete lie. But don’t let the facts get in the way of your misplaced paranoia.

  16. Logan Says:

    Obama BARELY won for how much hatred there was for Bush.

    The man is a disaster and a farce. Definition of a racist? Someone who wins an argument against or disagrees with a liberal. Obama is a moron from a mediocre background with a deep-seated hatred for whites. America’s got a Hitler, ladies and gentlemen!

    I can’t wait for 2013 when we can have a President instead of our current Pretendent.

  17. Paul Revere Says:

    The power elite are also in the business of creating illusions. They use their politicians and the mass media to try to create a perception of reality they would like us to see. The illusions they create are elaborate, complicated, well designed, well executed and likely expensive, but they are illusions nonetheless. The difference between the illusions the power elite create and those of Criss Angel is that Mr. Angel creates his illusions strictly for entertainment purposes, the power elite are creating theirs so that they can control mass consciousness and hence make it easier to control the population in general. The problem for them is that many people are beginning to realize exactly what’s been happening.

    One of the ways to create a good illusion is to get the audience to look over there while something is happening over here. Another is to keep things hidden and produce them when you want them seen. Still another way is to make the audience believe something isn’t what it appears to be, or that something is what it doesn’t appear to be. Or any combination of these things can help produce a good illusion. Of course, if the audience looks where the action is and detects the slight of hand, or if they see the hidden element before it is produced, or if they are not convinced that something is or is not something else, then the illusion is ruined.

    I really don’t believe that any of this theater is about health care. It seems to me that it’s about control. It’s about power. It’s about making everyone dependent upon government and so ensnaring them in a trap that makes the common class slavish to the power elite political class. As long as the illusions that politicians care are maintained, than they can manipulate the masses, divert attention away from their previous follies and create conflict amongst different groups that they define. People are beginning to see through their illusions, however. They are catching glimpses of the hidden. The old tricks that were at one time so effective at mesmerizing aren’t working as well as they once did. People are beginning to walk away from the shell game the politicians and the power elite are playing. They are spotting the slight of hand. The masses want their independence, their power, and their money back. No illusion, no matter how well thought out, elaborate or expensive, will change that.
    For the full story go to The American Chronicle or infowars website or:

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