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Money advantage for Bernard in special state House 84 race

by George Bennett | August 11th, 2009

Delray Beach City Commissioner Mack Bernard has raised $22,500 and put in $15,000 of his own money for his Aug. 25 special state House race against Riviera Beach Councilman Cedrick Thomas. Thomas has raised $12,651, according to reports of activity through last Thursday.

Bernard has spent $13,198 — with $10,215 of that going to the Patriot Games consulting firm. Thomas has spent $1,460.

Bernard and Thomas, both Democrats, are running to replace Priscilla Taylor, who stepped down last month when Gov. Charlie Crist appointed her to a Palm Beach County commission vacancy.

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4 Responses to “Money advantage for Bernard in special state House 84 race”

  1. Riviera Beach Resident and Taxpayer Says:

    Mack Bernard is a carpetbagger. Stay in Delray. If you care so much about us you would be living here.

  2. Karl Knott Says:

    I have lived in Palm Beach all my life and I am a reg. voter. I have lived in the Dis. 84 for the last 30 yrs. I have never in my life seeing what is happening. How can Mr. Bernard who lives in Delray expect us to voe for him. He came to my home and knocked on my door asking for my vote. Very nice young man. He however, seemed scared and apprehensive in the area. I plan to attend one of the forums that will be held. Becasue I want to ask him which I should have done when he was at my door. Why is he doing this? Who put himup to this? I can’t seem him doing this of his own free will.

    I intend to vote for the person in the district not because he is the best one but becasue he is the only one who as the right to RUN. I encourage my fellow voters to do the same. Don’t allow them to take the vote away from us. Because this make no sense.

    Thank you.

  3. Informed Voter Says:

    I see Cedrick’s campaign manager is blogging again!

  4. Concerned about the issues. Says:

    I am a District 84 resident. I am concerned about the issues: jobs, education, etc. All Cedrick Thomas seems to talk about is where his opponent lives. Mr. Bernard, you have my vote!

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