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Health care crowds: “Community organizing” to some is “manufactured anger” to others

by George Bennett | August 16th, 2009

Something’s going on when organizers of a health care forum on a summer weekday wonder if they’ll have enough room in the 500-seat South County Civic Center.

As members of Palm Beach County’s congressional delegation prepare to hear from constituents on health care reforms this week, click here to read how groups on the left and right are urging their activists to turn out and be heard on the issue.

Read details about the public forums.

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3 Responses to “Health care crowds: “Community organizing” to some is “manufactured anger” to others”

  1. Mike Meister Says:

    The government produces predominently unmotivated service and bureaucratic processes that will have much less favorable results than anything an entrepreneur can achieve. The govenment should put their thoughts and money into advanced regulation of insurance companies. We are a great country because we are driven to succeed when money can be made. The opposite happens when we are unmotivated and driven by a complacency, which is what government-runned healthcare will bring. Our health is too important to see if something works. Congress should be ashamed that they have not been smart enough or courageous enough to do healthcare right.


    Regulate healthcare better. Companies making money gets bad press these days, but these companies provide jobs and futures for the hard-working people, who contribute to positive things. If there are “fat kats” making excessive money, regulate them, not the people doing the work.


  2. OBIWAN Says:

    Medicare Advantage gets “capitated” at 95% of Medicare average cost for that area. Aetna, BC, Humanity, United, etc. are “at risk” for providing far more generous benefits – and still earn a profit that is denigrated by BARAMA and the PBP. ASK the Medicare Advantage enrollees and your get the same thoughtful kudos as our Veterans have to say about their VA care!!

    Now ask the straight Medicare enrollee how their Medicare Administration Contractor performed??

    The PBP put out DNC talking points on HealthCare – until 95% of comments showed many readers are actually reading the lame HR 3200……. Now, they no longer want any public discourse?? NOW, the new “defense” is that actually BARAMA hasn’t put out “HIS PLAN” yet?? He demanded both the House and Senate vote by the August recess, he would have signed “THEIR” plan – without every divulging his top secret “PLAN”???

    Perhaps they actually read the first 40 pages of HR 3200 and were smacked in the face with the benefit cost increases of 10-20% that occurs when you “mandate” all “essential plans” contain full preventive services = “family planning” (birth control/day after/abortion/etc), maternity, mental, drug use disorder, children’s dental & vision to age 21, etc.

    Perhaps they were smacked across the chops with the further additional 10-15% plan premium increases “mandated” by no deductibles or copays on preventive services = that actually included the majority of routine labwork – bloodwork for cardiovascular, blood sugar, bone density, etc.

    Did they reel over the promise of “keep your own plan” when their reading of those first 40 pages actually said only 1 year for Individual Plans and 5 years for Employer – and then only IF no changes were made to any terms and conditions, and no new entrants allowed??

    We’ve heard the “Reform” Medicare and Social Security promise many times over the past thirty years! The actuarial ultimate unfunded liability for these two massive Federal programs has grown to over $ 107 Trillion, according to the 2009 Trustees Report.

    One such “reform”, The Medicare Modernization Act (2003) requires the Trustees to issue a “Medicare funding warning” when a trust fund’s dedicated financing is inadequate and/or that general revenue financing of Medicare is becoming excessive. The warning requires the President to propose legislation within 15 days of the next budget submission to address the problem, and for Congress to consider the proposal on an expedited basis.

    2009 was the fourth straight year such a “warning” was issued – in May, 2009 – by Tim Geithner, Kathleen Sebelius, Hilda Solis and Michael Astrue as the four Federal trustees by virtue of their appointments. The two Public Official positions remain vacant and no action has been taken by the President or the Congress to fix this funding dilemma…as required by Law. The Trustees’ Summary notes “… Part B cost projections are understated by 18-21 percent by 2015 … as a result of incorporating substantial reductions in physician fees that would be required under current law, but are very unlikely to occur…

    **How can any sane Congressperson consider spending another $Trillion BEFORE figuring out the real funding reform needed to sustain the current levels of benefits they claim are inadequate?? Instead they upped the “earned income tax credit” to THREE times what indiduals paid in for THEIR SS and Medicare??? HUH???**

  3. Lindsey Says:

    The libs idea of a bipartisan bill means: we will write it, and yes it will be a socialist bill. Now ur job in this “bipartisan” process republicans is to vote for this bill. Forget that your constituents are against it and forget that the polls clearly show Americans are aganst it and just vote yes.

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