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Do straw polls, censure votes signal a problem for Crist?

by George Bennett | August 9th, 2009

As he seeks the Republican U.S. Senate nomination in 2010, Gov. Charlie Crist is riding high in polls of GOP voters. But it’s a different story with many of the party’s grass-roots activists around the state.

Read about it here and see how Palm Beach County’s GOP fits in.


12 Responses to “Do straw polls, censure votes signal a problem for Crist?”

  1. whasup Says:

    It would be one thing if these straw polls showed the local party leaderships were reasonably divided. But the overwhelming votes for Super Mario show that there is real anger about Shucking Chuckles and very many Rs want him to get the message. Chuckles just ain’t listening though. That will be his problem.

  2. steve layman Says:

    our closet gay gov christ bailed on florida. does not deserve senate seat

  3. Bitty Says:

    I urge all dems. to switch and register as GOP so they can vote for Crist in the primary, then switch back to dem.
    God help us if Rubio is our senator. The dem. candidate has no chance, so Crist is the lesser of the two.

  4. LRT Says:

    Steve..I sooo agree!!! on both counts!!!

  5. LRT Says:

    Sorry Bitty..I wouldn’t even switch to GOP for 1 min.

  6. ELC Says:

    Bitty:Do you really want Democrats to cross over and vote for Crist?Wrong move. Crist isn’t loyal to Floridians-he
    is only loyal to himself. Now, Mel Martinez isn’t finishing his Senate Seat. I am so sick and tired of all these politicians, but I can definitely
    say that Choo Choo Charlie isn’t the lesser of both evils in my opinion. I can’t say anything about Rubio because I
    don’t know enough about him-but Good Time Charlie is by far the worst of the
    worst. I am just waiting for him to take
    over Martinez’s seat now that he is leaving the Senate ahead of time-Crist
    says no…I say wait and see-he definitely will. Unfortunately, everyone
    who votes for Crist will eventually have
    buyers remorse. He gave up on Florida as
    a Governor-why should we let him be a
    Senator for this State-don’t we have
    enough problems as is…?

  7. chaty Says:

    It’s a little tricky… What Bitty is suggesting is that you should “switch” party affiliation only temporarily for the Republican primary and vote for Crist, just so he gets the nomination as the Republican senate candidate — then “switch” back and vote for the Democratic candidate in the general election. Remember, there are two phases to a senate election – one is the selection of each party’s candidate (when you vote in the primary election to pick amongst all of the Republican wannabes), then second when you vote in the “real” election and pick either the Republican or Democratic candidate who will serve as our Senator… Bitty is proposing that if Crist beats Rubio in the Republican primary and is the Republican candidate for Senator, he will get beaten by the Democratic candidate and therefore won’t end up being elected to the Senate!!!

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  9. Alice Says:

    Crist is nothing more than an empty suit with a tan. He has millions of dollars but Marco Rubio has brains and stands for something. Run Marco Run we need you now more than ever.



  11. Alice Says:

    Crist just can’t wait to get to Washington so he can join his buddy Obama and pass more pork filld stimulus and job killing cap and trade tax and a so called health care package.

  12. Reasonable Says:

    Those that participate in the Straw Poles are among the most radical members of the Republican Party. These are the same people that still think Roe V. Wade is more important the saving / creating jobs and helping Floridians to prosper. These radicals have never been able to see eye to eye Charlie’s balanced pragmatic approach to public policy. Not a surprise.

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