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Update: Crist responds to Supremes

by Dara Kam | July 2nd, 2009

Gov. Charlie Crist offered the following response to today’s Supreme Court’s ruling that he overstepped his authority by rejecting a list of judges to fill an appellate vacancy.

“While I am disappointed by today’s decision that the Judicial Nominating Commission cannot reconsider these important nominations, I respect the Supreme Court’s decision and their consideration of this case. I remain committed to ensuring that the diversity of the people of Florida is represented in our judiciary. In respect to the Court’s decision, I look forward to interviewing and considering the nominees for the Fifth District Court of Appeal,” Crist said in a statement issued shortly after the ruling was released.

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One Response to “Update: Crist responds to Supremes”

  1. Dave Says:

    I voted for Crist(wish I hadn’t),but now realize what a polititian he is(not a compliment).
    Crist is doing this purely for political purposes. He is a Republicrat trying to play both sides of the fence. No doubt about it,he would do an Arlen Spector in a heartbeat,if he thought it would further his political cereer.This guy gives me the creeps,so if you will excuse me,I’ll go take a shower.

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