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State GOP: We’re not falling apart!

by Dara Kam | July 21st, 2009

Fueled by a recent Orlando Sentinel column advising that the state GOP wise up or continue to lose its domination of Florida politics, the RPOF is striking back.

National committeeman Paul Senft penned a rebuttal to Jane Healy’s column asserting that the Republican Party of Florida is just fine, thanks very much.

Despite Barack Obama’s Florida win in last year’s presidential election, Republicans held on to down-ticket seats and picked up a Congressional seat, ousting former Democratic U.S. Rep. Tim Mahoney from Palm Beach County, Senft pointed out.

And while it’s true that GOP voter registration is slipping, that’s nothing new in Florida, Senft wrote.

So what if the Dems have also reversed their years-long fundraising slump.

Not to worry, according to Senft.

“If Democrats couldn’t produce down-ticket results in a year with more money, resources and momentum than they have ever had, I don’t see how they’ll do it in 2010,” he wrote.

But Senft’s op-ed may do little to quell dissension in a party whose dirty laundry is increasingly being aired in public.

RPOF Chairman Jim Greer has earned the wrath of the right-wing “Liberty Caucus,” a conservative group of libertarians whose leaders are being targeted by Greer for ouster at the upcoming convention.

Like many other conservatives, Greer ticked off the caucus by his early endorsement of pal Gov. Charlie Crist in the U.S. Senate race and his efforts to quash a GOP primary with former House Speaker Marco Rubio.

Meanwhile the St. Johns County GOP are trying to oust the Liberty Caucus’ state chairman, Will Pitts, from the party and remove other critics from their committee posts.

Greer’s strong-arm tactics and dismissal of right-wing darling Rubio coupled with growing dissatisfaction among die-hard Republicans with Crist’s moderate stance have left the party in disarray, critics within the party charge.

They say the party leadership is out of touch with the base and this could hurt them in next year’s elections.

The grievances against the rogue Republicans will be heard this weekend.

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5 Responses to “State GOP: We’re not falling apart!”

  1. RPOFloser Says:

    Whoever wrote this, it is the Republican Liberty Caucus, not “Liberty Counsel” First, spelling? Second, get your facts straight. Senft is another stooge for Greer. Who cares what he says?

  2. Florida Voters Watching Says:

  3. Duval County Resident Says:

    Its the St. Johns County GOP thats doing that, not the Duval County GOP.

  4. Boca Grande Says:

    Looks like more shoddy research and writing by the “darling” media outlet of the lunatic left, the Palm Beach Post.

  5. Cynical Idealist Says:

    Methinks the RPOF protesteth too much…

    It’s fun to watch them squirm about losing power so soon after they marched lock-step into leadership.

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