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Snakes alive! Rooney joins python posse push

by Dara Kam | July 14th, 2009

U.S. Rep. Tom Rooney has filed a bill to blacklist Burmese pythons and other unwelcome animal immigrants from entering the country.

The Tequesta Republican has joined the movement, led by Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, to rid the River of Grass of the perilous pests after a pet python strangled to death a two-year-old Florida girl.

python1About 150,000 pythons, not native to Florida, have taken up residence in the Everglades, threatening other endangered wildlife there, including Florida panthers and wood storks.

Rooney’s backing two bills to crack down on bringing invasive animals into the country.

One McCarthy-esque proposal would create a black list of nonnative species would create a black list of nonnative species barred from being brought into the United States and a green list of creatures that would be welcome.
The other would add Burmese pythons to the list of dangerous animals, similar to a measure Nelson filed several months ago.

Rooney’s hunting proposal is similar to a Nelson made today asking U.S. Department of the Interior Ken Salazar to approve a python-killing season in the ‘Glades to rid the national treasure of the invaders.

Read Rooney’s press release here.

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4 Responses to “Snakes alive! Rooney joins python posse push”

  1. DAVID Says:


  2. Alice Says:

    Forest Gump (Sen. Nelson) is worried about snakes in Florida and he should be more worried about himself and his fellow democratic snakes in Washington. Not only will every electric bill skyrocket but the cost of just about everything we buy will increase. As the cost of doing business and production increases said costs will be passed along to the consumer. THIS CAP AND TRADE TAX IS A JOB KILLER. Obama and his Chicago gang of democrats own this failing economy now and it shows. The so called stimulus package was nothing more than a package of pork and it is failing as more and more jobs are lost. Obama said if we pass his stumulus package of pork unemployment would max out at 8% and now it’s 9.5% and soon to be 10-12% or higher. WE CERTAINLY CAN’T TRUST THEIR NUMBERS. Forest Gump needs to vote no on the Cap & Trade Tax but he will follow orders from Obama and his fellow socialists as usual.

  3. Leonard G. Franklin Says:

    Python Posse

    What an ignorant endeavor — but killing snakes has always been popular among the
    ignorant. Can we consider the FACTS?

    The Everglades ecosystem has been in a state of ruination for many many years.
    Long before pythons arrived.

    No one has proved squat about what specific
    damage is being done to the already ruined
    ecosystem. What the hell — let the pythons duke it out with the million runt
    alligators. And to suggest that pythons
    threaten the panther population is absolutely without evidence and ridiculous,
    and certainly the alligator population
    would be the bigger threat to panthers.

    If there are really 100,000 pythons out there, it’s over. What the hell. Let the tourists see them. They’ll go home a little happier.

    Two-year old girl “strangled” by 8′ python?
    Yes, possible, but highly suspect. That’s
    a HUGE meal for an 8′ snake — too big to
    swallow. Snakes don’t constrict things unless they intend to eat them. I have big doubts about this story. It’s a situation that could easily be staged after a homicide. But it’s bizarre. People love to believe the bizarre.

    Want to go after animals that kill/maul
    children? Start with the big dogs. That’s
    where the big numbers are.

    Want to do something really beneficial to
    the ecosystem? Try planting trees.

    Want to see politicians do something
    useful? Try lowering the real estate
    taxes on those $1 million houses that
    aren’t $1 million houses anymore. Then
    maybe they’ll sell and we’ll be on our
    way out of this recession.

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