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What's happening on other political blogs? We’re not involved in Negron-Ramos race, but can’t speak for members’ “personal activities”

by George Bennett | July 29th, 2009

After Republican state Senate hopeful Joe Negron told supporters last week that liberal is trying to turn out voters for Democratic foe Bill Ramos, Political Action Executive Director Justin Ruben responded:

“As a federal PAC, Political Action does not work on state legislative races and is not involved in the Florida District 28 special election.”

Negron said his grass-roots volunteers in St. Lucie County have encountered Ramos supporters on the campaign trail and “several of them said they were working with MoveOn and they were getting out the vote for the Democratic candidate.”

Negron said he didn’t have a problem with the purported MoveOn involvement, but wanted his own supporters to know so they would not be complacent.

While MoveOn isn’t playing an official role in the race, spokeswoman Ilyse Hogue noted in an e-mail that “MoveOn members are private citizens who are involved in many activities beyond the scope of the organization. I cannot speak about Florida MoveOn members’ personal activities.”

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3 Responses to “ We’re not involved in Negron-Ramos race, but can’t speak for members’ “personal activities””

  1. John Day Says:

    There is no doubt that MoveOn and Acorn politicos are involved in local and state level elections. And it really shouldn’t be an issue. However, there is plenty of reason and evidence to doubt their credibility, honesty, and integrity when it comes to their political behaviors and agendas. But usually on the local and state levels they are really nothing more than puppets on a string for those higher up in their organizations.

  2. Chris Mann Says:

    MoveOn is a joke. Their whole deal was to get rid of Bush, now we have someone who has turned our democratic republic into a socialist government. I JUST got n email from them asking to sign a petition saying CNN was conducting improper journalist activities by reporting on Obama’s birth certificate.

    They are as liberal as they day is long.

  3. Just Wondering Says:

    Why do Republicans always try to get out the vote with scare tactics?

    We’ve seen this before. You’re tired politics have been brought to the light.

    Negron, start running on the real issues. Let’s talk about the unemployment rate or our failing education system. You can’t, can you? Is it because you don’t have a plan?

    After looking at your contribution list, I’m sure your plans are for the developers and coorporate interests. You don’t care about my family or even your neighbor. What will you do for the people? I want to know!

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