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Harper out of state House 84 special election?

by George Bennett | July 28th, 2009

Though he collected enough signatures to get on the ballot for a special state House election, the Florida Division of Elections says former Democratic state Rep. James Henry “Hank” Harper Jr. did not qualify for the race to replace Priscilla Taylor.

Two other Democrats — Riviera Beach Councilman Cedrick Thomas and Delray Beach City Commissioner Mack Bernard — qualified for the District 84 race before today’s noon deadline.

Harper said he was unaware of any problem with his candidate paperwork and planned to call the Division of Elections for an explanation.

“The Division of Elections did not receive qualifying papers for Mr. Harper,” a spokeswoman for the Florida Secretary of State said in an e-mail.

With no other candidates running, an Aug. 25 primary will decide who serves the final 14 months of Taylor’s House term. Taylor left her House seat when Gov. Charlie Crist appointed her to a Palm Beach County commission vacancy.

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3 Responses to “Harper out of state House 84 special election?”

  1. Kerry Lynn Says:

    These damn crooks are at it again!! We need to hold a special elections for the politicans through the County and all surrounding Cities.
    Enough of black balling individuals to get who you want in office to pass these bad laws. Looking at the elected officials through this county for the last five years, could one honestly agree they did anything to better the citizens of their district.
    Behind all this one would probably find such names as L.Frankel, A.Greene, P.Taylor, C.Crist, and the overrated party which has not done anything meaningful until the election of Prez. Obama.
    Hank, gather yourself and get the hell away from that corrupt area bfeore its to late. Sad that you are not one of them could you probably would not have this problem.
    More of the crooks have to go to federal prison before we will have representations of the people in this area again.

  2. Teacher Says:

    Kelly Lyn, quit wasting your time on blogs and take a remedial writing course. You make no sense woman. Figures you’re a friend of Hank.

  3. whasup Says:

    Perhaps if ‘Teacher’ did the job well, ‘Kelly Lyn’ wouldn’t need a remedial writing course.

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