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Full pardon for sex offender who has been married to victim for a decade

by Dara Kam | July 31st, 2009

Correction: Because of reporting errors, a previous version of this story indicated that Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink had approved a pardon for Gerald McCranie, who had been listed as a sex offender. Gov. Charlie Crist, Attorney General Bill McCollum and Agriculture Commissioner Charles Bronson approved the pardon. According to a spokesman, Sink did not sign the pardon.

virgil-mcVirgil McCranie is ecstatic. After more than a decade of marriage to his “Romeo and Juliet” sweetheart, the stigma of being branded a sex molester has finally been lifted.

The Board of Executive Clemency, comprised of Florida Cabinet members Gov. Charlie Crist, Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink, Attorney General Bill McCollum and Agriculture Commissioner Charles Bronson, granted McCranie a full pardon this week after leaving the Panama City Beach resident in limbo after the last clemency meeting in June.

“It sat there for two hours before I opened it,” McCranie said in a telephone interview today.

McCranie, now 34, and his wife Misty, now 28, fell in love when was he was 19 and she was 14. Since then, they’ve raised four children while struggling to make ends meet.
But their story is no fairy tale.

Misty and her father pressed charges against Virgil, accusing him of raping the minor. The rape charge was dropped but he was charged with lewd and lascivious acts against a minor and was sentenced to two years of probation.

That’s when the father of four’s nightmare began, McCranie told the clemency board in June.

He was placed on the state’s sex offender web site and has been unable to hold down a job or attend his daughter’s dance recitals, he said as he and his wife pleaded with the board to grant him a pardon.

The board took his case “under consideration,” leaving the couple in limbo.

The fact that three of the four clemency board members are running for statewide office – Crist for U.S. Senate and Sink and McCollum for governor – added to the pair’s worries.

That changed when they finally opened the letter containing the governor’s executive order and a copy of the certificate of clemency.

“I hadn’t felt that good since I was 19. I felt clean,” McCranie said.

McCranie said he hasn’t been able to hold down a job because of his sex offender status. Now he won’t have to wonder “if it was me not being good enough to do something or just me getting a bad shake from what I did,” he said. “I’m happy.”

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89 Responses to “Full pardon for sex offender who has been married to victim for a decade”

  1. Pjay Says:

    It’s all well and good that now that they’ve proved they can stay together in a marriage, he’s been given a clean slate.

    But one still has to look back at a 19-year-old having an interest in a 14-year-old. Where were both sets of parents? Where was the maturity of a 19-year-old young man?

    Even though they are now significantly older and this worked out ok, IT WAS NOT OK BACK WHEN HE WAS 19 AND SHE WAS 14.

  2. WT Council Says:

    it is always interesting to me how quickly any society FORGETS its own history. 50-75 years ago, it was NOT unheard of for this type of coupling to occur. Actually, it still occurs in other parts of the “untechnological” world.

    This man was not prowling/preying on girls under 16 years of age. He simply fell for one girl who was 5 years his junior. Again, if it were 1925, no body would have even given a thought to this coupling.

    As a sexually repressed, oppressed, suppressed society, could we please go AFTER the true pedophiles and child molesters and leave the young teens ALONE.

    We should expend more energy helping young people prevent the spread of AIDS, promoting education, and being informed sexual citizens.

    Let’s refrain from vilifying what comes naturally to ALL creatures created through sexual intercourse.

  3. Pjay Says:

    OK, fine, point taken about what used to be acceptable. But time moves on. We no longer live in an agrarian, largely uneducated, rural culture. It is now frowned on to have a 19-year-old man with a 14-year-old girl, period. It doesn’t matter what we ~used to~ accept. We don’t accept that ~now~. If you think people can independently live in a by-gone mentality, then I invite you to take your horse-and-buggy out onto I-95 and insist that it’s ok because it’s what would have been ok decades and decades ago.

    Now, would you please tell us what we’re NOT doing to “help young people prevent the spread of AIDS”? The problem is not that we’re not doing all we can, and spending money and effort on education–it’s that it falls on deaf/stupid ears! It’s the same with smoking and not wearing seatbelts or driving while intoxicated–people KNOW (precisely because we HAVE educated everyone) that these things are bad or wrong: they CHOOSE to do them ANYWAY. That includes unsafe sex.

    You can lead fools to safe practices, but you can’t make them engage in them. It’s that simple. So please stop with the untrue claims that we’re not educating people enough. If people are stupid enough to smoke, drive drunk, or have unprotected sex, I don’t so much mind them getting their own lives cut short. The world would be a better place with fewer stupid, irresponsible people in it.

  4. whasup Says:


    Has society and our culture generally gotten better or worse since we followed the leads of the technological advancement and
    cultural ‘progress’?

    Worse, I’d say.

  5. Pjay Says:

    Whasup, if you had/have a 14-year-old daughter… TODAY… would you want her pairing-up with a 19-year-old male… TODAY?

    Not sure what technology has to do with this.

    If society were made up of rational, sensible adults with properly-ordered minds, the fact that our technology has advanced would not make any difference. You could have a well-behaved intelligent society if people would BE that way. But we are certainly not headed in that direction.

  6. G Rap Says:

    A tough situation. Well, it is good that they are still together. It was a bad decision on his part to begin with. However, I think he has demonstrated his love for this now “woman”, and the lifting of the crime is due. However, I do not condone his previous actions. I do have a young child, and I would be very upset if my child were taken advantage of by an older person.

  7. mike Says:

    how can this be worse than a person who maliciously murdered or assaulted a person in cold blood, and then got out of prison in 10 years? That loose cannon should be the one monitored. When i was 14 i knew dam well enough what i was doing. If she wouldnt have had sex at 14 with him then she wouldnt have had sex at 18 with him. And if shes havin sex anyway then whats the biggie? The naive, anal people are the ones that think she was manipulated.

  8. lily Says:

    maybe the list needs to be redefined to prevent this romeo/juliet

  9. pam Says:

    No, I wouldn’t want my 14 year old daughter to have sex with anyone much less a nineteen year old man. But he is not the only one I would blame. My daughter would be just as responsible as him unless she was mentally challenged.

  10. EagleOne Says:

    Pjay, WT, and G Rap, I think Pjay the technological advancements G Rap was referring to (that I got out of it) was the fact there was a time when seat belts, or safe sex aids weren’t invented yet… and that coupled with the education to the consistent use of these aids (now that they’re available) is correct and I feel they’re stupid. (to those who ignore them) Finally, the points provided by you all simply ROCK… it’s refreshing to read ppl can disagree without throwing $hit, er, mud in their slings :o )

  11. JX12 Says:

    The bottom line here is that there is still the rule of law. Sex between a 19 year old and a 14 year old is illegal – period. I suspect they both knew that at the time, and yet engaged in it anyway. Even if they didn’t know it, the law still doesn’t recognize ignorance of it as an excuse. She and her father pressed charges at the time, and due process took its course.

    Having said that, I’m for the pardon in this case, if for no other reason but for the sake of the rest of his family. I think that – to the extent that he can make good on it – he has done so by marrying her and raising a family with her, and – 15 years hence – it’s time to let the family off the hook. He’s paid for his crime. His wife (the original victim in this case) and their children shouldn’t continue to have to be stigmatized because of it. I hope they live happily ever after. If he keeps his nose clean from here on out, they probably will.

  12. Tammy Tankersley Says:

    What this man did when he was 19 wasn’t good, but did he really need to be branded a sex offender for it? The same can happen to an 18 year old man with a 15 year old girl (in my state anyway).
    In the effort to protect society from sex offenders, the pendulum has swung too far, We need to bring it back a bit.

  13. Alex Says:

    I have a family member that is a ‘Sex Offender’ because she was 16 & he was 26. I didn’t agree with their relationship, but who am I to judge? She was a willing partner that would skip school & sneak out of the house to be with him. She was the one that made the contact with him. When his father was dying in the hospital, she decided to tell her family because she wanted to be with him when his father passed. Her mother freaked out & my family member was arrested the day after his father died. We didn’t even have a funeral because of what was happening! So, he now has to pay the price while she is now considered an adult & can do whatever she wants to do. Because of his sex offender status, he is not allowed to be around any children under 18. This includes his family. I don’t understand this rule. He was there when I gave birth to my kids! Even with his ‘Sex Offender’ status, I trust him around all my kids. Why doesn’t the law target real sex offenders & sexual predators? Not people that make a mistake. His first arrest & he now is a convicted sex offender! What a crock!!!

  14. naes Says:

    man, this is a seriously good discussion regarding this event. i must say that when i was 16 (i am 38 now) i had a relationship with a girl that was 13 (almost 14) and that caused alot of issues. we dated for a year or so before it was over. kind of the same issues as with this case but not taken that far, but the principal at my high school got his nose into it. lots of thing have changed since then aside from the sexual aspects. we cant make dry ice bombs, play with bb guns and a whole bunch of other things that were just part of growing up. sad to see things change.

  15. Kevin Johnson Says:

    I am 54 and have an 11 year old daughter and 5 sons ranging from 17 to 30, My wife is almost 6 years younger than I am. As humans our bodies naturally develop to have children in our early teens and emotionally we can feel strong attachments and love early on. Our culture wants consumers to be able to develop for the bottom line and don’t necessarily pay attention to what is right, good or common sense for being human!

    I suppose Biblical Joseph would have been considered a molestor since Jesus’ mother Mary was around 14 when she was pregnant and married Joseph. Oh no wait. . . That would have been God who chose her to be pregnant and betrothed to a much older man! Of course, consumerism wasn’t His main concern as salvation was!

  16. Sheila Says:

    What I have never agreed with in the case of underage sex is why the male is the one charged & not the female. A case where I live, two 15 year olds, the boy is charged as a Sex Offender but not the girl, why?

  17. Voyagerfan99 Says:

    I’m glad to hear all of this worked out well for him, and I agree that resources need to be put to better use to find REAL predators, not teens. I mean come on – who says an 18 year old high school senior can’t date a 14 year old freshmen? It’s kinda pathetic.

    I myself am in what you may call a “Romeo & Juliet” relationship, though the difference between my girlfriend and I is much less – I am 18 and she is 15. There is no law against us dating and both of our parents are fine with it. As long as we obstain from sex there is no problem. We are both fine with it because that’s not what we’re in this relationship for anyway.

  18. believeit Says:

    I am so happy for this man and his wife and children! I can say this because I have a son on the list and is now married and has a baby but cannot ever have a normal family life due to John Walsh. Yes, children must be protected against “predators”, however, teens and young people will always have illicit sex and it is abhorrent to place a young person on the list for just one incidence of sex with a teenager. Gov. Perry (of Texas), if you read this, please consider clemency for the young men in your prisons right now who are suffering and being horribly molested because of John Walsh. P.S. I am a survivor of molestation and I know what it is like to be a child and have this happen. But my son is not a pervert and should be taken off the list. All the moms and wives of other men on this list should contact their governors office immediately.

  19. Moush Says:

    Whether one is 14 or 44, sexual relations outside of marriage is wrong. On the other hand, God made no mistake as to the age of puberty; thus, I agree with the principle of marriage at sexual maturity IF the two partners are mature in every other aspect as well. In today’s western culture, however, youthful marriage is frowned upon and for good reason: teens typically live in extended-childhood mode and are not ready to sustain a long-term relationship “for better or worse.” I have elderly neighbors who were married in their mid-teens; but they were responsible and committed. Today, the wife sweetly cares for her bedridden husband who is unable to communicate–and she is just as committed as ever.

  20. Beth Says:

    What a wonderful breath of fresh air to know this couple have been together all these years, through thick and thin, and raising 4 children together. I applaud the young man for continuing to plead his case and make s stand for his rights. I dont need the government laws to tell me a true case of sexual predation, this case clearly wasnt. Learn from your mistakes, dont repeat them. Fight for your rights as decent human beings! This young couple could make a difference telling their story now, from beginning to end, in schools everywhere. They could share the cost of their mistakes. But also a real story of enduring love. Best wishes to this couple and their family and God bless them always.

  21. mike Says:

    the reason this is such a big deal is because it is in florida. Most other states he would have already been taken off the registry because most states only require 10 years, whereas florida wants to ruin you for life, even in a case like this

  22. Roy Says:

    Everyone will make a judgment pro or con — such is human nature. But I think justice has been done here and the past is simply wiped out by the present in this case. End of story.

  23. RB Says:

    I am involved in some prison ministry work. About 9 years ago I received a telephone call form a mother in TN wanting someone to visit her son in the local county jail. I did and as a result became aware of some of the details his case.

    Joe was incarcerated by the state of Florida on three words….accusations only by a mother of a child who later recanted her report to the sheriff’s office.

    She indicated that her small daughter said to her three words…”Joe touched me”… nothing more. The experts evaluated the child and could not find any physical evidence, no witnesses etc. They could only say “We don’t know what happened but we believe something happened”. Joe and his family could not afford a good attorney so they had to settle for the court appointed attorney. As a result, Joe got 11 years in the state of Florida prison system, having to serve a minimum of 85% before eligible for parole and he could not appeal his sentence as his lawyer convinced him to “plea bargain due to the nature of the accusation.” News to me….no appeal if you plea bargain.

    Yes, he got 11 years based on an accusation. This is unjust…the system is flawed when a pedifile who admits molestation/rape of a child gets a year or two and another gets 11 years based on a accusation alone.

    The scary thing is this can happen to any good man who appreciates children. It is out of control to the extent that a man had better run his defense through his mind before he picks up anyone elses child or makes any attempt to be kind to them.

    Mothers and dads, quit being so paranoid. Most of us men love children and want to interact with them in a normal fashion….but not at the risk of being incarcerated.

    Men, use your brain and think through the possibilities of being falsly accused by a paranoid parent before you are kind to someone’s child. Everybody loses in this….children become suspicious of adults and adults become suspicious of children and their parents.

    Many judges and lawyers are anxious to make an example of anyone for their own political gain. What a waste and distortion of our judicial system and the plan God has for interaction between adults and children. Everyone loses in this…..

    Sorry for the rambling….this is a sore subject with me. Locking someone up on an accusation should not be legal….but it seems it is.

    Joe’s attorney advised him if he had a jury trial he could get a “minimum of 40 years based on the accusation.” That would scare anybody into plea bargaining. We have a flawed system when this can happen.

    Men, beware and protect yourselves…..if you are living in a house with children that are not yours you can become a target by their mother…or even them if someone turns against you for some reason.

  24. Karl Says:

    This has bugged me for a long time. Teenagers who have sex with younger teenagers are not pedophiles and it boggles my mind that they are lumped in with true rapists and child molesters. How wrong is it that he couldn’t go to his daughter’s dance recitals because he had sex with a 14-year old.

    This isn’t about it was still illegal. I know it is, and it probably should be. I’m just saying the punishment doesn’t fit the crime. I have a daughter and of course I would be upset if she had sex with an older teen, but I wouldn’t want to ruin the boy’s life over it.

  25. Charles Niklalopoulos Says:

    It seems as two teenagers fell in love, but what? Some teenage girls are more mature than others, so who knows?

    My sister was 17 when she married her 21-year-old husband. They stayed married until they both died.

    The thing about it is: these couple could have found a state where they could legally do it, and gotten married.

    Anyway, you never know.

  26. jamesW Says:

    if there is grass on the field, im playing ball haha.

  27. Kathy Says:

    I think girls tend to emotionally mature faster than boys do, that’s why you frequently see younger teen girls with older teen boys. They just aren’t necessarily relating well to boys their own age. As people get older, they become more similar in emotional maturity. Although I think it’s better for sex to be confined to marriage because of the many problems it can cause outside of it, let’s be realistic. And a pedophile or child rapist is far different than a young man in his mid/late teens dating a younger classmate because they are emotionally a good match. The young ladies his age are looking to young men a few years older than they are for the same reason, a more even match of emotional maturity. When my kids were teens, they didn’t date anyone more than a couple years different in age, and that worked for them. But I never would have called it “rape” had my son been dating a young lady, as thee was an ongoing relationship and emotional connection. This connection is what we ALL need to develop with another person before the relationship can become more devoted and committed.

  28. Kevin Says:

    What is refreshing to me is, that politicians actually looked at this case individually and decided that this person had proven that he was in fact, only interested in one girl. He belonged on the registry then, not now. They seem to have beaten the odds and have stayed together to raise a family even though it was tough. Good for them.

  29. Joe Says:

    If they were in love and everything when
    he was 19 and she was 14, why did she press charges and testify against him?

  30. CharlesLaFont Says:

    The story doesn’t mention them being on public assistance. So if it don’t affect me, I couldn’t care less.

    We need to go back to the days when the father (and a posse of friends) would just beat the hell out of the guy.

    A society works best when personal relations are kept local.

  31. Anita Says:

    Has anyone bothered to notice that kids are having sex younger and younger.. now the problem is 11- 13 year olds and its with each other as well as older males and females. This took place 15 years ago which back then would have been a big story, now its not. I’m not condoning it in any way but saying that this society it changing quickly and I”m not sure its always for the better, espeically where our kids are concerned. I’ve seen 14 year olds that have the maturity of 20 year olds and vs. versa, so it could have been that the girl was more mature than her then boyfriend/now husband. But I have to agree where were her parents in all this ? We always knew who our daughters were dating and kept an eye on things when they were in their teenage years.

  32. Dennis King Says:

    My Mother was 16 and my dad was 19 when they were married in California and they were married for 45 years.

    Technology and so called enlightened “western” society has nothing to do with this. For western society is much more perverted now then 100 years ago. People in society today are sickos and are willing to destroy families and individuals to further their ends. Free porn can now be accessed by little children and you all have deluded yourselves into thinking that you are protecting anyone. The word fool comes to mind when I think of the average person who are perverts themselves. For it takes a pervert to think that the fellow wanted one thing from her. A 24/7 mindset that has nothing directly to do with this couple.

    Furthermore, My daughter was 18 when she married a man 30 and they are very much in love.

    In conclusion perverts are not limited to pedos but to all in society who started this witchhunt!

  33. Carolyn Says:

    He should have been removed from the list the day that he and his sweetheart

  34. Truthbetold Says:

    I totally agree with Mike. Things have gone too far with registering of sex offenders. If a murderer who gets out of prison in ten years does not have to register, then a young man who had a relationship with a girl, matching his maturity level, should certainly not be required to register. These laws make no sense and go way too far. They ruin a lot of people’s lives.

    I believe sex outside of marriage is not good. However, as a 15 year old 37 years ago, I was having sex with my boyfriend. Thank goodness neither of us ended up in jail or listed as sex offenders for life. Most girls know what they are doing at that age and many times they are the instigators. I believe men are more easily enticed to engage in sex because of the way God designed them. I also believe many girls know this at a very young age and use it to their advantage. We live in a society that promotes sex every where you look. Why wouldn’t children, teens and young adults think it was ok to participate?

  35. concernedmomof2 Says:

    I find the registry to be so far off base it is of no use to anyone. Can anyone show me where it has saved anyone’s life? It scared me to DEATH when I was raising my kids. Now that they are in their 20′s it scares me for my son to be ON the list because it’s so easy now. The thing is, when I was a teen (16) I only dated guys in their 20′s. Now KISSING an older guy is Sexual Assault of a Child, at least in Texas it is. Come on people, stop putting NORMAL behavior as criminal! Let’s go after the REAL predators and rapists, not young guys in their 20′s with horny teen girls like I and my friends were! The guys our ages only wanted one thing, the older guys wanted to DATE, not violate us.

  36. believeit Says:

    Regarding my post #18 above, I made a mistake in stating that due to John Walsh, my son and others cannot have a normal family life. I meant to say that it is due to “Megan’s Law”. I apologize for any harm as that was not intended.

  37. Rich Says:

    People mature differently and frankly, I’ve seen some 14yr olds that were more woman than girl. Even up until very recently in our history, American men marrying teenage girls was considered very socially acceptable. But certain aspects of our modern “sex” laws conflict with human nature which makes it more than difficult for some regular folk not to break the law. Remember, we’re supposed to be catching actual criminals (rapists/ child molestors) not the technically criminal.

    Their story aside, let me state a couple of other offenses that require you to register:
    1. Urinating outside, even if your genitals aren’t visible.
    2. Streaking, mooning or flashing.
    3. In most states, 16+ yr olds having sexual contact with 15- yr olds.
    4. Possessing any pornographic material where the “actors” are under 18. (can you tell the difference between 18 & 17? 18 & 16? Traci Lords anyone?)

    I think this story is yet another glaring example of why the registry system needs to be reformed.
    1. When non-violent, non-threatening but technically guilty people are mixed in with the real deal, the system becomes dilluted and loses its ability to accurately alert citizens of real problem people.
    2. Because so many good people are on it for monor offenses, the stigma prevents them from otherwise being viable, productive members of society. (in Virgil’s example, he’s now 34 with a terrible work record)
    3. It anonymously alieniates members of communities. (my neighbors suspected me of being someone on the list based solely on my new apt. number even though I didn’t look like the guy on the site. after 3 months of avoiding us, one got the nerve to ask my girlfriend who confirmed I am not that guy.)
    4. People will think twice about asking the police for assistance for fear of ruining the other party’s life forever. (maybe this is what the law wants?)

    I for one believe it’s time to reopen the books and write the laws with flexibility and more common sense!

  38. Dave D Says:

    OK.. true story.
    I was 21 and she was 15, only I didn’t know that. When her parents found out, I was arrested. She stated in her affidavit to the authorities that she told me she was 18. I had no reason not to believe her. But, scared as I was, I took 2 yrs probation. Unfortunately, I’ve never saw her again.
    If the laws were so strict then as they are now, I guess my name would be on the sex offenders’ list and still screwing up my life today.
    Even after the parents tried to drop the charges, the state still pushed it through. Therefore, the arrest still sits on my record today.

  39. Even worse... Says:

    In case anyone thought the earlier post about becoming a “sex offender” by public urination was a joke, look at this:

    This man apparently urinated in public in 1986 and as a result, he will have to abandon his sons or move them to a camp populated by sex offenders (presumably some real ones).

    And most of us are silent. Nobody wants to be on the side of potential sex offenders. Public urination is disgusting, anyway, right? But when might it be your turn? Pastor Martin Niemöller’s famous poem:

    When the Nazis came for the communists,
    I remained silent;
    I was not a communist.

    Then they locked up the social democrats,
    I remained silent;
    I was not a social democrat.

    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    I did not protest;
    I was not a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews,
    I did not speak out;
    I was not a Jew.

    When they came for me,
    there was no one left to speak out for me.

  40. Kat T Says:

    This is ridiculous. He should never have been charged in the first place (as it should never have been against the law.) I was molested at age 7 and because there was not enough physical evidence the man got a year of probation, and was ordered to stay away from my school and home. Except that his parent’s lived next door and it was a violation of HIS rights that he not be allowed to visit them, so that part was waived. He was also allowed to keep custody of his 5 year old daughter. Sick. More to the point, I willingly had sex with people when I was 14 (one of the men was in University) and at the time it was perfectly legal where I was living. This should not be a crime. It is foolish to think that all 14 year olds are “victims” when they sleep with older men/women. Some truly are, and it does an injustice to them and everyone else to paint all men/women that have sexual relations with a younger teen as predators and molesters.

  41. Linda Says:

    Commenter Pjay? Would that be PEEJ aka Perverted-Justice?

    I agree with the others that state the girl is just as much to blame as he was. She knew exactly what she wanted.

    I am happy for both of them. I hope the folks at Perverted-Justice are squirming!

  42. Annie Says:

    What about the age of consent? It seems that cases like this contradict the concept of the age of consent laws, do they not?

  43. black pope Says:

    another true story…
    my best friend (who is like a brother to me) was 19 years old when he started dating a 15 year old girl. her mother, a born again christian, knew of their relationship and the fact that they were sleeping together, and condoned it.

    however, after she became pregnant and gave birth at 16, the state went after him as a child molester (by now he was 20). to prove that he was not taking advantage, he married her to take care of her and their newborn son. again, with her mother’s approval.

    the thing is, knowing what i know now, i see that the girl was a master manipulator. she manipulated her mother at every turn, even when her mom was against something, she twisted it around and around until she got her way. a few years and one more child later, my friend discovered his wife for what she is. he found out that she’d been cheating on him, but he forgave her after every time. a dozen other men later he finally picked up their kids and what possessions he could and moved back to our home state from nebraska. he could forgive her no longer.

    despite his age at the time their relationship started, who was manipulating who? who was the real victim here? the state awarded my friend full custody of their children, which is tough to do in a state that mostly sides with the woman in divorce cases.

    i agree that the laws need to change regarding who is deemed sexual predators and who is acting out of love, as my friend and obviously this couple were. people who are child molesters/rapists only want that moment of control over another human. but i also believe that they can reform from this mental illness (and YES it can be considered that), i worked to help youth sex offenders for 3 years to reform their ways and stay off that accursed site.

  44. 1Redhead Says:

    As someone else asked, WHY would she press charges if she willingly had sex? And they stayed together? Why wasn’t this dropped way back then?

  45. patricia win Says:

    Congratulations Virgil and Misty ! I’m really happy for you.
    Too few know how many people are on the registry who don’t belong there.


    The truly dangerous make up between 1% and 5% of the total population (and growing) of people forced with the label and stigma of sex offender. Most do not deserve the label just as we are finding out, many who are in prisons for various offenses or non-offenses don’t belong either. Our legislative and prosecutorial systems are corrupt to the hilt. People tend to deny this fact, but honestly we see the corruption every day of our lives. Judges have a few amongst them that are the worst of the worst and yet they keep sitting on the bench.

    I did a study a few years back on the numbers of people stigmatized with the label of sex offender, and correlated the data from three years of data by the Justice Department, three different studies. The data showed remarkably that the vast majority of sex crimes against children and early teens was in fact familial and that holds true even to this day that anywhere from 85% to 90% of molestations were incest and similar extended family and friends contact.
    The politicians they know the score, they know the facts because the facts have not changed, but courage amongst politicians is a rarity, something not often seen.

    Remember the nude antics in Boulder, Co. where groups of people annually get naked and run down the streets? well some of those people have already be adjudicated where they plead guilty to a non sex offense charge, but they were originally charged with indecent exposure, should I say more – they now have to register as sex offenders, and the DA says others will be charged similarly and it will be their choice to either take a plea and become a sex offender or take their 50-50 chances in a court room in front of a jury and possibly go to prison. (FROM Bennie Walton,Colorado-RSOL) Colorado CURE
    . For a large portion of my adult life I had been a weekend binge alcoholic. One day in 2002 on a Saturday I was at my binge drinking from the night before and still going at it (my wife was away out of state vacationing). I in my infinite wisdom decided that I wanted to be naked, so I got naked and went into my garage. The overhang door was open. In short order I was seen by some next door neighbors, about seven adults, and at the time I did not know children were around.

    Long story short I was cited for indecent exposure, went to court plead guilty to a non sex offense charge, and wound up being labeled a registered sex offender because in Colorado there is the “Factual Basis Clause” in the criminal statutes that says, paraphrasing; If the original charge was a sex offense charge, which indecent exposure is, then regardless of the plea to a non sex offense charge a person is nevertheless classified as a sex offender, and may or may not have to register. I had to register for six years, which is up in October 14, 2010 unless Colorado makes its version of the Adam Walsh Act, and keeps the retroactive registration, then in that case I am screwed along with so many others. Bennie Walton, Co.


    People on the registry(far too many innocent or not dangerous) have been murdered, committed suicide, had their homes set on fire, been evicted, lost their jobs,etc.etc. Stephen Marshall killed two men who were on the sex-offender registry in Maine. Immediately after, he took his own life. One of the men Marshall killed, Joseph Gray, was on the registry for raping a child. The other, William Elliott, was listed because he’d slept with his girlfriend before she turned 16.
    Eighty-seven percent of people who were arrested for sex crimes had not previously been convicted study.of such an offense, according to a 1997 study. Just 14 percent of all sexual assault cases involved strangers, according to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics. These are examples of who is on the dreaded registry:
    1. Romeo and Juliet liasons, false accusations of vindictive teens against an older teen (18 or 19)
    2.False accusation by vindictive parents in child custody cases and/or family feuds- There are more of these than most people would believe. There are many reports of people who admit to having lied about being molested when they were younger. Now they would like to have the person wrongly convicted on their testimony set free. consensual sex- but being 3 yrs. and 1 day older than the willing teen (can bring and has brought multiple felony indictments)
    4. Sex between consenting teen prostitute (who looks older and even may have lied about her age) with an adult male
    5. Criminal charges that later are dropped for insufficient proof but not appealed in time, so still on registry
    The number of true dangerous pedaphiles is relatively small. But check out the registry. You’re liable to see people who look like your mailman, grocery clerk,etc.etc. And ones who look like they fit the profile could be the least guilty and vice verse. But the numbers are growing exponentially. And as long as politicians and the media can make hay (or reputations) out of this issue, it will breed fear and hysteria and ruin men (mostly) and their families lives who do not deserve to have this happen ! Where are the churches on this issue? Where are people who say they care about justice? Watch MSNBC’s Witch Hunt brought to anyone who wants to learn by Sean Penn and two courageous filmmakers.
    My mentally-ill son was falsely accused many years ago of sexually abusing an 8 yr. old girl. in recent years, she recanted. Her grandmother and a nosy, neighborhood watchwoman who did not like my son’s looks encouraged her and she was an extraordinarily wilfull(and smart) child who wanted to get my son away from her big sister. She was jealous of their relationship. Few would believe a child this age would lie about something like this but it is true. And I know if you heard the story, you would know that. Too many men have been caught up in the hysteria nationwide against child molesters, who have never harmed a child and never would . I hope the tide will turn and this mad hysteria will be countered by voices of reason. To learn more, go to RSOL (Reform Sex Offender Laws ) or F.A.S.T. (False Allegation Support Team)

  46. Truthbetold Says:

    Yes, why wasn’t this dropped way back then? Look at how many years this young man and his wife had to live in this nightmare. It is an injustice.

    He had an intimate relationship with someone he loved, who was equal to him in maturity, but not in years.

    The law goes too far. It is like wearing a scarlet letter for the rest of your life.

  47. JAY Says:

    What about the couple that is 16 and 15 – legal to have sex.. as soon as the older one turns 18 (or 17, or whatever the law is), then the parents can legally call that person a child molester, and they would be correct. This is a good example of a law that doesn’t work..

  48. Steve Says:

    The “why” of these draconian laws is simple. Politicians have used sex as a scare tactic to garner votes. As we all know, politicians NEVER get involved in any kind of weird sex situations. Please, Dear God, please let common sense back into our lives.

  49. Bill Says:

    I agree with Tammy (#12)and Alex (#13) and several of simular opinions. Rules of law are meant for the greater good. Sometimes exceptions are made, a 14 yr old who kills someone can be tried as adult if the court determines their maturity/mental status were at time that of an adult. A 14/17 yo who consensually has a relationship should also be evaluated by the court and then if found by the same standard to be an adult allowed to just move on and not penalized for a life time.

  50. K Says:

    I actually have a lot more problem with a 26 year with a 16 year old … the 26 year old is fully an adult.
    It’s not that unusual for a highschool student to turn 19 before graduating.

    On the other hand, there is 10 years difference between my husband and I – what if we had met when I was 16 instead of when I was 21?

  51. Larry Says:

    Some great posts on this topic – kudos to everyone for showing that not all internet discussions are dominated by ignorant morons. I’ll try not to ruin that trend.

    My opinion is that underage sex should be illegal, but the true wrong in this type of case is that a man (minor or of age) who has sex with a willing teenage girl is labeled a “sex offender” and forced to endure years or a lifetime of public ostracism and restrictions.

    Here is the key: these people are not sexual predators. Mothers and fathers do not have to fear that they will prey on their children. The only reason to have public sex offenders list is to protect the potential victims of this kind of predation, and this type of case clearly is not in that category. There was no predation. Somehow, the law has to make that distinction.

    Another point, to reply to the person who said (in effect) that all is well that ends well): I disagree. Pardoning McCranie nowdoes not make up for the many years he had to suffer for doing nothing worse than being a young lover.

  52. dk Says:

    Ok, this is wierd. I have a 16 yr young daughter. I a so sick of society labeling people. I raised my daughter that sex belongs in marriage and I started teaching her that when she was very young. She has a brother 14 years her senior. That makes me a traditionalist.

    If we as parents would give our kids some guidelines our society would not be so messed up.

    What happened back in the day was a lot better than what is going on now. Let’s not worry that everyone is living with everyone else and most anything goes. Immorality is sending the US to hell literally.

    When the family was intact things were better. When God was in our lives things were better. Now society lets most anything go and then we wonder why our Govt has run ammuck????

    I could rant allday about this. I am happy for this guy that he has done the right thing and is serious about raising his family and staying with his wife. What business is it of ours now?? Leave them alone!!!!

  53. jamesW Says:

    Governor Crist are you reading this. Your laws in florida are flawed…very flawed. You can see that you are unneccessarily ruining the lives of people that have PAID THEIR DEBT TO SOCIETY. You are letting the politicians say who is a threat to the children instead of someone being fairly evaluated by a group of competent specialists. This is madness. You have made it come to the point where people are scared to let their kids out the front door because their are so many registered sex offenders in florida and sadly, most cases are just like this one.

  54. mark Says:

    So let me get this straight,it’s illegal for a 19 year old to couple with a 14 year old now (it wasn’t several years ago) but it’s ok for Micheal Douglas to marry C. Zeta-Jones who is 25 years his younger? A penis works just the same at 19 as it does at 30. Look at our hollywood culture. Look at the age gaps for the mainstream. This case should have never been tried in the first place. Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake, these are the roles models for todays generation. STOP BEING SO UPTIGHT AMERICA!!!

  55. Robert Says:

    In 1974 I was 22, my girlfriend was 14, we when out every Friday night and she had to be home at 11PM, Movies, Bowling and riding around at the beach is what we did most of the time. Her mother and father were fine with our relationship and so was mine. We met in 1974 and were marry in 1975. In 1977 we had a son. We will soon have our 35th together. At the time in 1975 nobody said a word, most were happy for us, and this was all In Florida, Today I’m 56 and she is 49. So a lot of this 14/19 stuff is true love and the state of Florida and people with sick mines should stay out of the love of people. And for all of you Bible people, the Bible seem to think 12 is ok
    We did have to go to Alabama to get married in 1975 as the law in Florida at that time was 15.

  56. Sue Says:

    This is great news! I hope every young man or woman for that matter that is on the sex offender list for this type of “crime” will flood the Governors office with letters for clemency. Maybe laws can change.

  57. Di-AnnD Says:

    My husband is on the list here in Florida becuase when he was 21 he went to a club and met a girl who he assumed was 18 (yes, he shouldn’t have assumed). Turned out she was 16 with a fake ID. When her mother found them together, he was arrested and sent to prison after a short trial. We met shortly after his release, got married and have a son. My husband will not be able to be a coach, go to Boy Scout functions, etc, all because some girl tried to act older than she was and whens she got caught by mommy, she panicked. I tell my husband that he made a stupid choice to go home with someone he just met, but I don’t believe that our family should have to continue to pay for this bad choice over and over. We have tried to get clemenacy, but the state of Florida keeps moving the date out further and further from your release. This story gives me hope and the responses I see her make me realize that people do see the difference between my husband and a true offender or predator. We will keep trying and I hope someday to be able to enjoy a little of what Virgil and his family have now.

  58. Bryan Says:

    we see horror stories of young mens lives getting riuned from having sex with younger women as a father of three women my wife is 5 years younger than me we did not meet as minors but it is perfectly acceptable as adults who pressed the charges is the issue the woman he married(doubtfull)or the angry father who was dissappointed in his daughter which is ussually the case older men marry younger women all the time younger women look for older men all the time and yes most minors do have sex how manny really wait untill the are 18 and then there younger partners can’t even take responsabilty for there actions(child support etc.)

  59. David Freeman Says:

    Answer me this? As it relates to teenagers having sex: Are these same people in our society who say we need to “protect the children” because they are unable to consent due to their age (usually 14-17)the same ones who would be the first to loudly say, “charge them as adults, they knew what they were doing” when a teen is accused of murder? I think we all know the answer to that one.

  60. donna Says:

    i think it is surprising how many people here are on the side of the guy here. I think it is time they need to look at these laws

  61. donna Says:
  62. donna Says:

  63. donna Says:

    i posted an interview the news station did with the guy above

  64. Ann Says:

    Most Americans want to do the right thing but are simply misinformed. Legislators, both state and federal, have made a big mess with these laws but aren’t motivated (and too fearful) to take the time to make things right. Shouldn’t surprise anyone considering what’s going on in Washington right now. An informed public is the only answer.

  65. tracy Says:

    Oh man, give me a break. This poor guy has had a horrible label attached to him undeservingly. At 14, if you choose to have sexual relations with an older teen, then there is no reason to punish that older boy. The 14 year old was not mentally traumatized, nor was she physically hurt. It was something she chose to do, it made her happy to be with this young man and she is obviously still happy. As someone who has gone through sexual trauma before, I have to say, some men get labeled as offenders without just cause, and those who truly are sexual predators get off way too light.

  66. cfc Says:

    Elvis presley would have been on the sex offender registry had the laws been the same then as they are now. HOw many of you would be on that list? How many of your grandparents would be there too? Give me a break, the registry should only have those who are dangerous and a threat. These romeo and juliet cases are not of a dangerous mindset and should not be punished as such. You see young ladies (13-17) that are pregnant and nobody thinks a thing about it. YOu would not want this for your son if he were dating a younger girl.

  67. Kelli Says:

    Well, for me this is much welcomed news! 10 years ago i was the 14 year old girl who fell in love with the 19 year old guy who’s parent’s disapproved. We lived in a small community and were one of the “example” cases of this in our area…so my boyfriend served 6 years in the Florida prison system. He came home almost a year ago now and couldn’t be happier that we can finally be together. However, it is bittersweet…there is a certain stigma he feels he wears. The job search has been painful. Not to mention the challenge of finding a place to live that will accept these “criminals”. We finally found a renter kind enough to give us a chance, but followed by that one bit of hope came flyers with his picture and the label “sex offender” that were passed out to all of our new neighbors. We must register all residences, vehicles, vessels, and he must re-register for the offender website twice a year. But I could live with all of that…the worst part to me, is if we were to ever have children that he wouldn’t be allowed to attend their school graduations or recitals. Well after this long reply, I guess I just want to say that the decision in this case at least gives us some hope that maybe one day all of the bad can be erased. The man that I love has a heart of gold and I want the best life possible for him…and that would start with just a normal one.

  68. Kirk Reid Says:

    “Legislating Morality”
    I think and it is my opinion that many of these laws have no place in law. a law defines a crime and it’s punishment. Immoral behavior is not necessarily a crime.

    My grandmother was incarcerated for being pregnant at the age of 15 without a husband and was forced to give up my mother for adoption. Was this a crime? no. was it Immoral? based on the standards of morality at the time, Yes.

    Was this couple’s behavior criminal on either part? no, as it was not destructive, senseless or unjust. Was it unlawful? Yes, as the law of the land indicated it as so, however unjust or incorrect as the law may be. It was Immoral based on the standards of the time.

    We need to stop trying to legislate morality. We need to make our laws clear and distinct. Laws must not criminalize normal behavior.

    Let common sense prevail over hysteria.

    Congratulations to the couple for hanging in there together, may they have many more years together.

  69. Johnson Says:

    Sounds like a low life to me. I hope his so called kids do the same thing to hime and breed like rates under a bridge. He sounds like a real looser and we are supposed to feel sorry for him. Huh! Maybe he can get one of his girls pregnant and keep it in the family. He is a dirtbag and we all know that.

  70. Capt. Fogg Says:

    Why does no one ask the important question and keep harping on the morality of something that happened a long time ago?

    The question is what kind of justice is served by continuing to punish a family that is hurting no one? Justice is for people, not the other way around.

  71. Observer Says:

    The authorities have spoken. However, that does not alter the fact that this guy is a dirtbag. No, there is no redemption.

  72. mike Says:

    well guess what Observer….i dont give a damn what you say..i did the same thing. I had relationships with minors when i was in my 20s and their parents knew about it. As far as me being a dirtbag, I have more friends than you and its easy to jump on the hypocrite bandwagon with all the nancy graces of the world and say that i would be a scumbag. To me your a piece of crap and i gaurantee you wouldnt say it to my face punk

  73. mike Says:

    and there is redemption haha. Who are you God? Where in the 10 commandments does it give an age limit on a relationship. In Other civilized countries it would be legal, but of course we live in the land of hypocrites bcuz of people like you. Go bow to your god nancy grace and stfu.

  74. CeCe Says:

    What truly amazes me here is that everyone is totally against restoring convicted felons their rights, to include voting, once they have completed their sentences in prison and on probation, most for drug use, or mental health issues that resulted in criminalization instead of treatment, and the fact that let a convicted felon, who is not listed as a sex offender try to get a job and can not simply because even though he or she is qualified for the job and received job skills training while in jail he or she has a record…..but most of you here applaud this sex offender being pardoned as righteous and his “punishment” unjust as he was branded for the rest of his life. Well, if this isn’t the kettle calling the pot black. How about the same sympathy for more of us who was dragged into the system for stuff like this and now are also branded for the rest of our lives and denied housing, jobs, and other things in life because of something that happened so young in our lives???? Bunch of hypocrites.

  75. SamW Says:

    I have 3 kids and I cannot imagine them being molested or raped. I think these laws should apply to molesters and sickos who rape young kids or even expose themselves to young kids or do other nasty things with kids.

    But its clear this law is being either misapplied or the enforcement is totally out of control. When someone marries someone like this, it should automatically mean they are innocent. THey shouldnt have to spend a million bucks to defend themselves and leave their fate in the hands of politicians. Thats not right.

  76. Blue Says:

    Personally, I don’t approve of the age difference. At the time, she was only 14. He should have respected her enough to wait. Folks, here’s a shocker for some of you… Right now there are boys & girls a lot younger having sex & kids. I know people that have relatives where boys at 8 have already had sex with 2 girls & girls being pregnant at 12. That’s a lot worse to me than what happened here. Yes he was wrong not to wait, but he loved her enough to marry & stay with her – to me that means he was stupid not deserving sexual offender record. I know it only takes once though, had a friend who’s family member molested her – true it was more than once, but once to me still makes it criminal!

  77. Observer Says:

    PJay wondered “what technology had to do with it” regarding the acceptance of such relationships decades ago compared with todays accepted standards.

    Historically, before the Industrial Revolution, the concept of “childhood” was non-existent. Children were thought of as property, were put to work on the farms, in the fields and in the early factories. It was not uncommon for young girls of twelve and thirteen to be “farmed off” to much older men in marriage in an effort to either reduce the mouths that needed feeding (one less in the family to worry over), or to extend the family by marrying off a girl-child into a more financially stable family (ensuring help for their own).

    After children spent years working in factories, ten and twelve hour days as virtual slave labor, a consciousness began to develop in opposition to this practice due to the high rates of deaths, injury and disease among factory children. It was at this time that society created the concept of “childhood” which included the education, nurturing and protection of children. Protecting children further included minimum age requirements for sexual consent and marriage, among other things.

    Had it not been for the Industrial Revolution and the use of child labor, there probably would not have been child protection laws and minimum age of consent laws.

    Advancing technology always compels society to address social change.

  78. Observer Says:

    PS: not the same “Observer” as post #71

  79. Observer Says:

    Mark, all of your examples are of people OVER the age of 18. That is where the line is drawn. Who cares what the age difference is between consenting ADULTS?

    At issue here was the fact that the guy was nineteen and the girl was FOURTEEN. Now, I’ll agree that the years apart might be minimal, but the emotional development and rate of maturity between those YOUNG years can make a huge difference.

    I think a pardon for this man is the right thing to do given their particular situation.

  80. Brina Says:

    My fiance is 34 years old now. When he was 17 he fell in love with a girl only 14 yrs old. Her father despised of him and pressed charges as soon as he turned 18. He spent time in jail for that charge, and when he got out they continued to see eachother. They went on to have a baby girl who is now 13 years old and they married for over 5 years! His wife(at the time) eventually left both of them when thier daughter was only 4 yrs old. My fiance has raised her and still has custody. To this day he is a registered sex offender. He registered a month early last year and thought since he had registed a month early that he did not have to register again. Because he did not register (when they wanted him to) He is now in jail. They gave him 2 years all suspended but 4 months. 4 months in jail away from his daughter, even though he is the soul provider for her!! This is ridiculous!! Why should he have to spend this time in jail away from his daughter and be labeled as a “sex offender” when he fell in love, got married and has taken care of thier daughter by himself all these years? He has been told if he had money it could be taken off his record. Well We don’t have alot of money. Why does it take money? He is a good father of not only thier 13 year old daughter but our 2 year old son. He is the best man I have ever known, Yet he is treated like some criminal!

  81. Sunny Says:

    Took offense to your “deaf/stupid” statement. If you are going to pose an argument, make sure you leave your prejudices at the door. It will help your argument to have validity. With you arguing that we have moved on as a society to modern times, it’s interesting that you are still clinging to old beliefs/thoughts. Practice what you preach.

  82. Arthur Says:

    I lived with my family for a year in northern Scotland back in the 1950s. My older brother was stunned when a fourteen year old schoolmate of his announced that he was leaving school to go work for his father and that he was getting married. At that time in Scotland age 14 was the normal age to leave school, unless one was going on to college after another four years of what essentially was “college prep”. I believe that has changed now, but I never forgot that difference in perceptions, which was the more striking in that much else about society in Scotland at that time seemed quite similar to the US. With several important exceptions.

  83. Jack49 Says:

    Regardless of the fact that he was 19 and she was 14, if his intent was to marry the girl and if she was willing, it was not in the same catagory of a rapist or a child molester. It was foolish, but under such circumstances it was not rape or molestation.

  84. James Says:

    First of all, it’s refreshing to see that a lot of people are aware of the undefined lines in cases like this.

    I myself have to register as a sex offender. My case is very similar to this, a lot of people ask “where are the parents in all of this,” in my case i was 19 she was 14, I met her at my place of business, her mother would always talk about her daughters pubic hair and breast to me with her daughter present. She would tell me to move with her to some state to “marry her daughter” i always laughed jokingly.

    I was invited by her mother to go to her birthday dinner at the hard rock cafe, it was that that the mother said that what her daughter really wanted for her birthday was a kiss from me. Me being ignorant of the extreme of the laws thought it was safe and innocent enough. At the mothers approval i dated her daughter for some time. Then the day came when there was supposed to be an outing to an amusement park, the whole family was suppose to go. When i arrived at their house, i was told that plans had been canceled and i was to take her daughter by ourselves.

    I did later on after the park we watched a move at my house where i received oral copulation, (take in mind i have never have and never will force anyone to do anything the don’t want to do) at the time i thought it was Illegal to have sex with a girl under 18 i wasn’t aware that included oral sex as well as that kiss i gave her on her birthday.

    After that it didn’t seem right so i ignored the situation and distanced myself from that family, i should of seeked help but i didn’t know how and i was never taught the facts of society.

    After a year went by i had a new girlfriend and we happend to run into the girl. there was not exchanged words at that time but a week later i was arrested.

    During my court dates i was given a public defender, what 20 year old could afford a lawyer? this was the first time i ever went to court, i was scared, didn’t know anything of how court goes. My public defender was not interested in fighting for me, he just wanted to get the case done as fast as possible. He built up a plea bargen like it was my only option. If i took it to trial i would of won.

    Yeah you have a 50-50 chance on beating it and probably spending a great deal of time in prison, but the main fact here is that a trial is based on the decision of every day people like the ones posted on this forum a plea bargin is giving your life to the unpresent mercy of the court, and you see where that leads.

    That was about ten years ago, i don’t condone my actions as a teenager and i payed for my mistake. Just recently a Neighbor found out and spread fliers around my neighborhood not know any facts or coming to me and asking me about it, after that they boycotted my work and my boss lost money and had to let me go. I’m honest with people about my registration.

    My boss shouldn’t have suffered because of what happend to me. My employers are very giving and decent people to the community, and they saw the decency and good in me.

    I know who i am, i don’t approve of my actions as a kid but i will learn from them.


    I really do prey for the people giving in fear to the media and for the people with closed minds.

    I am happy for you Virgil keep forgiveness in your heart for the people who don’t understand. Put the past behind you, live each day like its the best day of your life, and you will have a glorious life.

  85. just peeved Says:

    For the 1st part of history this would not be an issue , To the monsters of middle east islam she would have been old.

  86. FriendOfAnother Says:

    I have a friend in a similar situation. The girl was 16 I believe and she wanted HIM .. the guy was 23yo, they were deeply in love and he cared for her, now his life is ruined because her mother labeled him a rapist.. child molester, then changed her mind.. her daugher had been promiscuous in the past and she was the one that initiated the relationship and begged him to stay.

    He was jailed in TX and was looking at 40 years. They finally reached and “agreement” (he just wanted to get out of jail and away from other sex offenders) and his life is permanently an irrevocably destroyed.

    What he did was wrong, but this designation needs to be addressed; too many young “guys” are being caught up in that designation when they should be charged with something else.

    Suffice to say, he learned his lesson, and has matured a lot from the adversity he experienced, but now he has the added horror of being a registered sex offender.

    They should have a predator registry; and possibly another registry where an individual drops off of after a period of supervision to determine if the acts were predatory in nature and if not, the person has a hope for some kind of future in the work and social world.

    This particular individual is great with kids, has no dependency problems, loves people and everyone who knows him loves him. You can’t help but love the guy. He was just too trusting of this girl and was too “stupid” to ask her how old she was; she didn’t bother to tell him either.

  87. FriendOfAnother Says:

    I will say previous to my understanding of what this individual went through point for point, I was one of the WORSE kinds of people a Sex Offender would want to know.

    I was the one that wouldn’t let go, pass out flyers, make calls; even call the media even want to spray paint the front of their house (which I never did but I wanted it to happen).. I was happy to hear one fellow who committed suicide after flyers were dispursed..

    Now I am ASHAMED and am willing to work with whom ever to try to rectify this problem in the law.

  88. ConfusedMe Says:

    My fiance is in a similar situation.

    The girl was 15, going on 16. She was known as the town tramp as well. He was passed out cold at her mothers house as he was friends with her mother, when the teen came home at 3am. My fiance was on all kinds of pills, and passed out from them, had no idea the girl was coming home as she was supposed to spending the night at a friends house.

    The mom called police because he wouldnt have sex with the mom, and accused him of sex with the girl.

    He went to prison for 6 years.

    Now completely free, he has moved to another state, has registered, and has no place to live. He is having to live with his mother as we can’t afford to buy our own house.

    This happened 10 years ago when he was 25, so now what happens? When he is 60, people aren’t going to read when this happened, just how old he is in the picture and her age and he will look like some big freakin pervert.

    Also, the state it happened in has her age right, but the state he is registered in has her age as 14. And at the time of the offense she was pregnant with a 43 year old mans baby, and he didn’t even get into trouble for it either. Cuz he had money…..

    My fiance just wants to get on with his life. We just want to live. He is so tired of just wanting to hide from everyone. Ashamed, scared, and nervous people will hurt him. He is not a predator, or a child molester, but the stereotype is there. Murderers can get help with finding a place to live, but he can’t.

  89. imbobkat Says:

    “The board took his case “under consideration” is pure BS. They didn’t wan’t to make a judgement because this was a “sex case.” If they had taken his case “under consideration” there would have been a decision long before this.

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