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Ex-Rep. Harper endorses Thomas in House 84 special election

by George Bennett | July 30th, 2009

Former Democratic state Rep. James Henry “Hank” Harper Jr., who this week failed to qualify for an Aug. 25 special state House election because of a paperwork mixup, will announce this afternoon that he’s endorsing Riviera Beach Councilman Cedrick Thomas in the race over Delray Beach City Commissioner Mack Bernard.

Harper noted that Thomas lives in District 84 while Bernard currently does not. The seat was represented by Priscilla Taylor until she was appointed this month to the Palm Beach County Commission.

“I know that Cedrick has been very involved in the district. It is necessary for me to support someone who has at least worked diligently in the district,” Harper said. He and Thomas are slated to appear together at a 3 p.m. news conference at Riviera Beach City Hall.

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5 Responses to “Ex-Rep. Harper endorses Thomas in House 84 special election”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Thank you Mr. Harper for doing a great job when you were our State Rep. I was planning to vote for you but I will now vote for Mr. Thomas since he was my second choice. I have lived in WPB all my life and still cannot understand how someone from Delray can run for an office in West Palm Beach. When someone finds out how that is happening please let me know.

    I wish Mr. Thomas the best of luck in August.


  2. Milton Long Says:

    I cannot beleive this… I another long term politician just jumping around playing with our lives. Why would he do this to a City… Where is the stability for the people of Delray. Would he now do this to District 84 when something bigger and better comes along? Who is pullling his strings. Read below and see what he id doing to Delray.

    The Delray Beach City Commission is looking for a fifth member.

    Déjà vu? No, nearly a year ago, City Commissioner Mackenson “Mack” Bernard was appointed after former City Commissioner Brenda Montague resigned.

    Now he’s moving on to run for state House District 84:

  3. LIZ Says:

    Why should the people of Riviera vote for Mac Bernard? He has done absolutely nothing for us. He doesn’t even live in the district! I may not be very bright, but I;m bright enough to know that Mac is a carpetbagger pure and simple. Taylor’s supporting him and Addie’s supporting him. Not for nothing but what did they do for Riviera? The same that Mac will – NOTHING! If he cares so much about us, he should have moved here instead of swanky Delray Beach. i’m going with home grown Ced Thomas.

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  5. tracey mack Says:

    I cant believe that the people of Riviera Beach would vote for someone that do not live in District 84. You guys was called stupid at the forum that was held at Newcomb Hall, but you all still put this guy in office, and believe me he is not going to help out the people of Riviera Beach in any way what so ever.If any of you were at any of his debates you would have known he is just a puppet for Addie Green and Phyllisa Taylor. This guy could not tell the different between Belle Glade and the Acgerage with out A. Green trying to tell him where each city was located. This is a travesty, his own town people was wondering how he won, because he never voiced any of his ads, and there were lies told in them, but you guys wanted him and now you have him, but you will have many regrets.

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