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Election qualifying paperwork? D’oh!!!!

by George Bennett | July 29th, 2009



Opening a campaign and actually qualifying for a spot on the ballot are two different things in Florida. The distinction can confuse ordinary citizens or first-time candidates. It also tripped up former Democratic state Rep. James Henry “Hank” Harper Jr. on Tuesday, even though he’s been through the qualifying process three times before.

Click here to read how Harper failed to qualify for the special election to fill the state House District 84 seat.

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One Response to “Election qualifying paperwork? D’oh!!!!”

  1. amazed Says:

    Can’t folow directions, especially when he has done it before…and he wants tp represent folks in the government, also that he has done before.
    And we wonder and whine when to government is inept and spenrthrift.
    We definately need to limit the people who can vote.

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