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Crist weighs in on Acreage cancer, Obamacare, stimulus

by George Bennett | July 23rd, 2009

PALM BEACH GARDENS — Gov. Charlie Crist, attending a biosciences powwow at Palm Beach Community College this morning, said he’s aware of the concerns of residents of The Acreage about a potential cancer cluster in their community.



“I am aware of it and naturally I’m concerned about it,” Crist said in response to a question from reporters. He noted the state Department of Health is looking into the matter.

After Acreage residents tallied 46 cases of people with malignant or benign brain tumors or cysts in the brain in three zip codes (33470, 33412 and 33411), Sen. Bill Nelson held a public forum and DOH said it will determine by next month whether the incidence rate for the disease is greater than it should be. If the numbers exceed what would be expected, the agency could launch an investigation.

Crist, a Republican who’s running for U.S. Senate in 2010, voiced some doubts about the massive health care reform effort being pushed by President Obama and congressional Democrats.

“All of us would like to have health care, but we have to do it right and do it smart and we have to do it in a way that’s affordable,” Crist said.

He said Democratic plans appear “very costly” and include tax increases “which I oppose….I just think it’s too much, too fast.”

Crist took heat from many in the GOP earlier this year when he was one of the few Republicans nationally to embrace Obama’s $787 billion economic stimulus plan. Asked if the plan is working, Crist said, “I think it’s starting to work.”

Crist then toured a biotechnology classroom filled with students in white lab coats conducting experiments. The governor is attending a “Commercialization of Technology and Life Sciences Roundtable” at PBCC.


6 Responses to “Crist weighs in on Acreage cancer, Obamacare, stimulus”

  1. Frank Pear Says:

    Governor Crist says that he will not support health care reform because increased taxes are required and that he does not support increased taxes. He changed his mind on the tobacco user fee, supporting a $1 increase in state tax on a package of cigarettes. Hopefully, he will change his mind on health care reform too. There cannot be health care reform without additional taxes. The costs of universal coverage are simply too high.

  2. Ellie Says:

    Hey Jeb – Nobody cares about what you, your criminal brother, your old silver haired douche bag of a mother or corrupt father think. Go back to Texas and start pushing around some hay. This way none of you can do any more damage. You’ve done enough to this country and indeed the whole world. If we never hear the name “Bush” again, it would be too soon.

  3. dan Says:

    As a country we have 2 choices, either the private sector will step up to the plate and provide the appropriate benefits for their employees i.e. health care insurance coverage and retirement benefits, or the government will do it. If the private sector provides the benefits then that means higher prices for goods and services and less money in the pockets of the CEO’s and stock holders. If government provides these benefits, you know what that means, yes HIGHER TAXES. This country will have health care reform and this country will have retirement reform we cannot afford to continue the way we are now, the current system is broken. Corporate American has to take a good long look in the mirror; they bear the brunt of the responsibility for the mess that we are in.

  4. Juliet Says:

    What is being done to make sure that the other people and families in the acreage have screening opportunities to see if their kids and families are at risk? Example if I have young children, What are some of the signs and symptoms that key the positive cases in that there was a problem. What screening opportuniites are available at this time? Were there noticeable signs of a problem or was this a problem that the parents stumbled into?

  5. Tracy Newfield Says:

    My daughter is one of the children who had a tumor removed and we are watching a cyst that has developed in her brain.I sent a letter to Gov. Christ weeks ago. NO reply! I am disappointed!, but not surprised!

    The Newfield Family,
    Todd, Tracy, Tyler and brain tumor survivor Jessica Newfield – age 15

  6. Monica Lombardi Says:

    I can’t let this one go by.. Ellie, our Governor is Crist now, not Jeb, though I applaud your comments & after all, one is just like the other, no matter the family.
    The Republicans are lost losers who selfishly stash all funds overseas –selfish selfish selfish ..& it will all come out…Acreage? :: I just can’t believe I drank all that water living there,,,now I moved & Im ankle deep in debt, aching, sick as a dog with cancer, as is my daughter, I desperately want a full body check up, but no, we have to scan one area only 500 times..our Health Depts are a joke. My family has paid more than its share of taxes, & guess what, the Acreage thing, its real folks. More will be stunned with their diags some day too..

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