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“Tea Party” backers hope to answer Aaronson challenge

by George Bennett | June 9th, 2009

“Don’t let Commissioner Aaronson get away with being dismissive,” organizers of the South Florida Tea Party group are urging members after Palm Beach County Commissioner Burt Aaronson last month wondered why Tea Party supporters didn’t show up for a weekday commission meeting. The group is urging members to turn out for the June 16 commission meeting to send a message to Aaronson.



A huge crowd of Tea Party demonstrators descended on the county government headquarters on April 15 to protest massive federal spending and deficits. But Aaronson was unimpressed on May 19 when a lone member of the group spoke at a commission meeting on an issue.

“You said that many people have the same feeling as you do and they participated in the tea party, but they couldn’t get here today,” Aaronson told Suzanne Squire in a video clip the Tea Party group is circulating. “Well, they seem to have found a way to get to the tea party. Why couldn’t they get here today?”

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3 Responses to ““Tea Party” backers hope to answer Aaronson challenge”

  1. 9-5 Says:


    Most people work 9-5 and cannot get off work to go to these commission meetings.


  2. Lazlo Says:

    I’m a democrat who is embarrassed by Aaronson. He is a baffoon. The tea-baggers didn’t provide Aaronson and his wife with a free one-week cruise and they didn’t provide him free cab trips to Ft Lauderdale and PBI airports and they didn’t support him trying to open the Ag Reserve to development to benefit his cronies and the many other things that Aaronson demands before he pays any respect. Hopefully this gasbag will be gone soon – behind bars. We need Irv Slosberg to bring honesty and integrity to the south county.

  3. Post On Politics » Blog Archive » Post on Politics - Says:

    [...] Party movement have showed up for this morning’s Palm Beach County Commission meeting after taking umbrage at dismissive remarks by Commissioner Burt Aaronson at a meeting last [...]

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