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Oelrich on Crist veto: this from the “people’s” governor?”

by Dara Kam | June 11th, 2009

s014The Senate sponsor of a bill expressed dismay that Gov. Charlie Crist vetoed it yesterday and called into question the self-described “People’s Governor’s” motives.

Sen. Steve Oelrich said he was asked to file the bill that would have raised community college transportation fees by the students themselves.

The bill (SB 739) would have allowed community colleges to hike transportation fees by up to $6 per credit hour. Students requested the fees so they could have public transportation access on campus “just like university students do,” Oelrich, R-Cross Creek, said in a press release.

Because of the dismal economy, community college enrollments are increasing and access to public transportation and on-campus parking is limited, he said.

The bill passed in the House with a 108-4 vote and in the Senate by 37-1.

“Governor Crist’s veto of this bill confounds me,” Oelrich’s release states.

Oelrich took a jab at Crist, who’s dubbed himself “The People’s Governor” and frequently mentions “the people” in speeches.

“The students came to me with this bill. They have been working on it for several years; it was theirs,” Oelrich wrote. “Since the bill came from the People, I thought the Governor would appreciate that…I sincerely hope the veto was not the product of political expediency or retribution.”

Crist signed into law a bill allowing universities to hike tuition up to 15 percent, which all state universities are considering. He also signed into law nearly $1 billion in motor vehicle fee increases and another $1 billion in a buck-a-pack cigarette tax.

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3 Responses to “Oelrich on Crist veto: this from the “people’s” governor?””

  1. Informed Says:

    I wonder if there’s a connection between Crist vetoing Oelrich’s bill and Oelrich refusing to endorse Crist in the primary…hmm.

  2. Uninformed Says:


    Here is the link about the connection:

  3. Susan Walker Says:

    Seems to me that Crist is playing politics at the expense of the students. Since Senator Oelrich is not endorsing Gov Crist in the gubernatorial race, this appears to be Crist’s payback. Certainly not in the interest of “the people” whom he so commonly states he is supporting.

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