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Negron widens money lead in special Senate race to replace Pruitt

by George Bennett | June 27th, 2009

Former Republican state Rep. Joe Negron raised another $134,475 over the last two weeks — that’s better than a $9,600-a-day clip — to bring his contribution total to $373,644 for the special Aug. 4 election for the District 28 state Senate seat.

Negron has spent $118,267 so far, according to reports filed Friday night.

Democrat Bill Ramos has raised a total of $25,828, which includes $5,500 from the Florida Democratic Party and $1,000 from Martin County’s Democratic Executive Committee. He has spent $11,896.

Negron and Ramos are on the ballot to replace retiring state Sen. Ken Pruitt, R-Port St. Lucie, in a Treasure Coast-Palm Beach County district.

Write-in candidate Josue Larose, who according to voter records is a 28-year-old Deerfield Beach resident, reported that he put $50,000 of his own money into his campaign this week as an in-kind contribution for “paying the advertising.”

Larose apparently enjoys being a longshot. In addition to his write-in bid for the Senate seat, he has opened a 2010 campaign for governor.

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3 Responses to “Negron widens money lead in special Senate race to replace Pruitt”

  1. nativewooder Says:

    There are too many politicians in Florida with an (R) behind their name! It’s time to vote for a different point of view!

  2. Joe Serrano Says:

    How much more bought can Negron be? Do we need to see the sale sign and the price tag and a receipt? Sheesh.
    Negron is a Negative – Ramos will be Famous

    Ramos for Senate

  3. indaknow Says:

    The Post needs to quickly look at Chairman Negron’s work as House budget Chairman and see how close his behavior and spend-thrills of wasting state money and his wheeler dealer stuff mirror what Speaker Ray Sansom has just been indicted for. Come on what happened to real reporting. You have a special election to replace someone in a district shared by the Senate president Jeff Atwater – his sister had a cushy job with the county, he had an ex brother-in-law in prison, another brother-in-law who came this close to being indicated and might yet still, and the woman responsible for getting Jeff elected (Mary McCarty) is in prison as well. She helped get Joe elected too tothe House before he was handled his butt a statewide race and a congressional race. Joe is a wimp with the thinnest skin in the world. Where is the real campaign reporting on his work as a budget chairman? Are you going to let Joe just walk through the door.

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