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Negron has 20-to-1 money edge in special Senate race

by George Bennett | June 13th, 2009

Former Republican state Rep. Joe Negron of Stuart has better than a 20-to-1 money advantage over Democrat Bill Ramos as they head toward an Aug. 4 special election for the seat of retiring state Sen. Ken Pruitt, R-Port St. Lucie.

Reports filed Friday show Negron has raised $239,169 and Ramos $11,414.

With Pruitt facing term limits next year, both Negron and Ramos had already opened campaigns and were raising money for a 2010 Senate race. But Pruitt, citing family and economic concerns, announced May 8 that he would step down this summer instead.

Since then, Negron has hit the accelerator. He raised $174,619 in the five weeks after Pruitt’s announcement.

Ramos has raised $8,169 since Pruitt’s announcement. That includes $4,000 dumped into his coffers this week by the Florida Democratic Party.

Negron has spent $94,835 on the campaign so far, including $85,970 since Pruitt’s announcement. His biggest expenditure has been $35,000 to Baltimore-based consulting firm The Victory Group, whose clients have included Gov. Charlie Crist, former Gov. Jeb Bush and Senate President Jeff Atwater, R-North Palm Beach.

Pruitt’s Senate District 28 includes parts of Indian River, Okeechobee and St. Lucie counties, all of Martin County and northern Palm Beach County. Republicans hold a 42-to-35 percent registration edge in the district.

Negron, an attorney, held a Treasure Coast-Palm Beach County state House seat from 2000 to 2006. He was the GOP’s last-minute congressional replacement candidate in 2006 when U.S. Rep. Mark Foley abruptly resigned. Ramos, a Jensen Beach resident, lost state House races in 2006 and 2008.

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9 Responses to “Negron has 20-to-1 money edge in special Senate race”

  1. Jeff DeLuca Says:

    Joe Negron’s attempt to railroad his way to this seat with his big money is shameless and the voters should not be blinded by it. The choice is still clear. We can continue down the same path that gives us the never-ending budget cuts to vital programs that Negron rubberstamped while he was in office. Or, we can elect a principled everyman who recognizes the need for change in Florida. Bill Ramos is a good man, with a genuine commitment to bettering this community. We would be remiss to choose money over matter. I look forward to casting my very first vote for him!

  2. Cynical Idealist Says:

    Jeff DeLuca get a brain…You’ll figure out Bill Ramos is a moron and will flame out when the campaign gets serious….

    Btw, if he does win, people here in Tallahassee won’t work with him.

    We know a moron when we see one…

  3. Joe Serrano Says:

    Deluca hits the nail on the head. I’vve met and talked with Bill Ramos and he’s one of the smartest guys I’ve seen running for office in a long time. Special interests are afraid that if he wins he’ll ask the questions the rest up there can’t because they own the rest.

    Cynical Idealist, obviously you have never met him of you’d know he is moron and if elected the people in tallahassee won’t have a choice, he’ll be our senator.

  4. Joe Serrano Says:

    Sorry bad typist. Cynical idealist – Bill Ramos is not a moron.

    He’s intelligent and he gets all the complicated issues in a way that is amazing.

    visit his website and wake up.

  5. Joe Serrano Says:

    Last thought to share and I cant understand why none of the papers are bothering to look at this.

    Negron files early in 2008 when everybody thinks thats way too early then surprise surprise Pruitt announces his surprise resignation, hmmmm.

    I sick and tired of all the games and I’m tired of being manipulated by these guys.

    Ramos is the only one worth it. Deluca said it best Ramos is everyman but he’s sharp enough to call it as he sees it and make a difference.

  6. Get Real Says:

    Bill Ramos is an “everyman.” So, if your shower won’t stop running, you call an “everyman”? Your car breaks down on the highway–you call an “everyman”? You send your kids to school to be taught by an “everyman”? You need to have your appendix removed–get me an “everyman”! Joe Negron has been a leader in the community for 15-20 years. He was a highly effective House Budget Chair who put away excess funds for the rainy days we’ve been living through (caused in part by mortgage brokers, hmmmm). He’s a college graduate, law school graduate and now a graduate of Harvard’s School of Public Policy master’s program. Bill Ramos successfully completed the 3 hour notary public course. Bill Ramos served in the Marines, which is undisputably impressive and would be of great value in serving in the Florida Senate, to protect us from invading illegal immigrants and unprincipled union leaders–oops, that’s his base of support! Get real Jeff and Joe, the Treasure Coast deserves better than an “everyman” to serve our interests and the interests of our fellow Floridians.

  7. samspec Says:

    Negron is such a wimp. If he has special interest buying him and donating lots of money to his campaign, then he runs, when he does not have that he is too scared to run as in his last race he entered. As far a Pruitt retiring, many are saying he had to resign. Hopefully more will come out on that soon. Remember Sharish Date’s articles about all the shady things Pruitt was involved in? Well Date was right, why this paper made Date stop the articles is very suspicious to me. Pruitt got away with much more then Sansom did.
    I read your article about Ms. Merchant running for Arronberg’s seat. It mentions that Pruitt, Atwater and Alex Diaz Di LA Portilla are endorsing Ms. Merchant’s opponent. What the people of that district need to know is that Ms. Merchant is the best candidate. They need to know that Pruitt has a vendetta and hates Ms. Merchant. He (Pruitt) was the subject of many articles regarding shady involvement in many inappropriate actions. He went into the legislative process as a bankrupt well driller, and left that process with far far more money. Hard to believe that on a legislators salary, 30K, that was possible without him using his position to line his pockets like those articles indicated could have happened. Go back and research those article, he got away with it all.
    Then we have Atwater also endorsing Merchant’s opponent. Lets take a look at him and his charachter. He’s the guy who stabbed a colleague in the back just to be Senate President. A colleague he pledged support to. He created a rift in the senate that has yet to heal. Wow what a great trait to have, a back stabber. Has no clue about being a friend. This is a guy that no one should want an endorsement from. This is a guy who was one of the lamest senate Presidents ever. JD alexander rolled over him and really ran the Senate. Atwater should crawl under a rock with embarrassment.
    Then we have a Guy, Diaz DiLaPortilla, who is a Miami Senator, but does not live in his district, he lives in a mansion with this telecom lobbyist wife. He is the guy who had HUNDREDS of ethics violations and ethics complaints and was fined thousands for. He cried poverty and pretty much got away with unethical behaviors. He is known as the Ethics violations King of Tallahassee. These boys shift power from one boy to the other so they stay in the loop and continue to profit. What these legislators are hoping is that the people of that district will not know these things about them. But be carefull and research on your own. I wouldn’t vote for anyone that these bums endorsed. Their endorsement means they bought a candidate. They will get much special interest money to their candidate of choice. The people deserve more then a bought candidate who is beholding to the special interests.
    They don’t want Merchant because she will not drink their Kool Aid and she has a mind of her own. The very fact that these guys don’t want her, makes me want to work hard in support for her. I know them and everyone should question why they don’t want the person with legislative experience and the person with integrity. Don’t fall for their tactics. And stayed tuned for the real reasons Pruitt left the senate.

  8. Realty Matters Says:

    Get Real states “Bill Ramos successfully completed the 3 hour notary public course. Bill Ramos served in the Marines, which is undisputably impressive and would be of great value in serving in the Florida Senate, to protect us from invading illegal immigrants and unprincipled union leaders–oops, that’s his base of support.”

    Have you looked at Negron’s base of support? OOPPSS! Unions, PAC’s, Developers, Builders, Real Estate and Big Sugar(!) and lobbyists, lobbyists, lobbyists!

    Yeah right. I want him to represent ME!

    Ramos – he’s not in anyones front or back pocket.

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