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Lawson mulls CFO run

by Dara Kam | May 27th, 2009

Florida Democrats are urging Senate Democratic Leader Al Lawson to drop a challenge to incumbent U.S. Rep. Allen Boyd, also a Democrat, and run for a Cabinet post instead.

Lawson, an insurance agent, is being encouraged to run to replace Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink, another Democrat who is leaving office after one term to run for governor.

That could make for an uncomfortable 2010 legislative session.

Senate President Jeff Atwater officially entered the race last week.

The chamber’s top Democrat and top Republican running against each other for the statewide race could put a hasty end to the bipartisan camaraderie the pair have enjoyed (mostly) during this year’s session.

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2 Responses to “Lawson mulls CFO run”

  1. Christene Maxwell Says:

    All the more reason that Lawson should have stuck with the caucus position and voted against the budget instead of selling out the caucus to please Atwater.

  2. Sean Says:

    Well whatever Lawson runs for or if he intends to run for anything at all, he’d be good. He’s proven to be a great public servant and would make and excellent Congressman or CFO.

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