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Baxley out as Christian Coalition ED, likely to endorse Rubio

by Dara Kam | May 29th, 2009

Former House Rep. Dennis Baxley is leaving his post as executive director of the Christian Coalition of Florida.

Baxley, an Ocala undertaker, led the group’s anti-gambling efforts during the legislative session as lawmakers revised a compact with the Seminoles.

Baxley said he’s resigning after 18 months so he can go to work on political campaigns and endorse candidates which the coalition does not do.

“I love working the issues but it’s campaign season. I’m getting restless,” he said.

Baxley wouldn’t identify which candidates he supports but that “you can bet they’re going to be some of the more conservatives.”

Could it be that Baxley will back former House Speaker Marco Rubio, the Miami Republican challenging Gov. Charlie Crist in a GOP primary to replace retiring U.S. Sen. Mel Martinez?

“I do love that guy,” Baxley, laughing, said of Rubio.

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2 Responses to “Baxley out as Christian Coalition ED, likely to endorse Rubio”

  1. charles Says:

    This guy didn’t belong as head of this organization and he went all weird about what it entailed.All of a sudden the anger filled,(incumbent politician that was voted out of office)was suddenly seen all around town carrying a bible and attempting to quote the bible.Well you can’t quote verses that sound better at a funeral to try to pump up your religious base.I am sure there are far fewer in the coalition then when he took over.
    It was a sham job for a sham politician,this guy is a beaten incumbent,his style was to jam his politics down voters throats,he is still doing this,how can this be?
    A mumbled and jumbled Republican party that takes washed up and left over hacks and still tries to jam them down our throats,is about done for.

  2. Joe Says:

    Word going around is that conservative educator and activist, John Giotis, is a leading candidate to run the CC. He’s young and can bring in a lot of new energy.

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