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Argenio-Negron III set for June 30

by George Bennett | May 18th, 2009

Gov. Charlie Crist today ordered June 30 primaries and an Aug. 4 general election to fill the Treasure Coast-Palm Beach County state Senate District 28 seat of retiring Sen. Ken Pruitt, R-Port St. Lucie.

Pruitt, with an eye on the statutory timetable for calling special elections, set his resignation for Aug. 4 so the district would not go unrepresented.

Former Republican state Reps. Art Argenio and Joe Negron, who clashed in a bitter special election primary in 1999 (won by Argenio) and another tough primary in 2000 (won by Negron) are running for Pruitt’s seat. Democrat Bill Ramos has also opened a campaign and frequent-filing Democrat Stan Smilan has expressed interest. Read more about the race here.

The period for candidates to officially qualify for the special election ballot will be from 8 a.m. on June 2 until 12 noon on June 3.

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One Response to “Argenio-Negron III set for June 30”

  1. Stan Smilan Says:

    The Palm Beach Post simply doesn’t get it: My issue is that Ken Pruitt had a reckless disregard for the heightened risk of a terrorist attack on nuclear power-plants, such as the one at St. Lucie. In 2006 I ran against Senator Pruitt and tried to point out that the issue was not about FPL running a safe day-to-day operation of a nuclear power plant – the safe operation of the plant was not in dispute. However, Pruitt, and his fellow legislators refused to acknowledge the risk and consequences of a potential terrorist attack on the plant.
    It should be noted that the official report of the 9/11 Commission stated that the initial conceptualization of the Al-Queda plan was to hijack ten (10) airplanes and target nuclear power plants in addition to national symbols – such as the World Trade Center and the Pentagon — (See page 105 of the Barnes and Nobel Edition of the 9/11 Commission Report.)
    That piece of information, coupled with the fact that Mohamed Atta and members of his Al-Queda cell were embedded and living in Delray Beach, equi-distant from the St. Lucie and Turkey Point nuclear power plants should have alerted the community to the heightened risk. (St. Lucie and Turkey Point are 135-miles apart.)
    It should also be noted that while the Palm Beach Post has taken an editorial position opposing long term storage of nuclear waste on-site at St. Lucie, the Post has not reported on how other areas of the country are confronting the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on the storage of radioactive nuclear waste.
    For example, in a recent ruling, the U.S. 9th Circuit Appellate Court sustained a lower court ruling that mandates the NRC must require an Environmental Damage Assessment related to a terrorist attack – prior to issuance of a license for above-ground, dry-cask storage of nuclear waste.
    Unfortunately, the 9th Circuit ruling is only applicable to the nine (9) Western states under that court’s jurisdiction. Florida is not impacted and still doesn’t require NRC compliance or acknowledgement of the risks and consequences of a terrorist attack on one of the four (4) nuclear reactors in S.E. Florida.
    Instead of keeping the public informed, the Post, has quietly acquiesced and allowed a pro-nuclear Governor and Legislature to abdicate their responsibility for exercising prudent and pro-active risk management oversight regarding Environmental Damage Assessment – specifically related to a potential terrorist attack under the worst case scenarios.
    My efforts to use political candidacy as a means to communicate and create public awareness on the subject, has met with derision and ridicule from the Post – I have been caricaturized as a “…frequent filer…”, “…filin-smilan….” and, my efforts have been trivialized and/or ignored by this newspaper.
    I can assure you that none of the candidates in the District-28 Special Election will confront Florida Power and Light on the need for an “Environmental Damage Assessment” related to a terrorist attack.
    Allow me to direct your readers to the following links for more information on the subject:

    Stan Smilan

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