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Loeb joins GOP race to succeed Hasner

by George Bennett | April 1st, 2009

Delray Beach activist Nick Loeb announced at tonight’s Palm Beach County GOP meeting that he’ll run in 2010 for the south-county seat of term-limited state House Majority Leader Adam Hasner, R-Boca Raton. Former Boca councilman Bill Hager has also announced he’s running in the GOP primary. Democrats are expected to make a play for the seat as well. Loeb is managing partner of Carbon Solutions America, a company that helps businesses become more energy efficient.

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4 Responses to “Loeb joins GOP race to succeed Hasner”

  1. OMG Says:

    never did i think there could be someone more stoogie than Adam. I stand corrected.

  2. BocaResident Says:

    I couldn’t agree more with OMG’s comments.
    If Nick’s the GOP nominee, I’m voting for the Democrat…

  3. DelrayResident Says:

    I think the two above comments are out of line. I met Nick at a charity event here in Delray and he is a very enthusiastic young man who will do well for Florida. I look forward to hearing more news about his campaign…

  4. Boca Supporter Says:

    To “OMG”

    First of all it’s spelled Stooge! and means “One who allows oneself to be used for another’s profit or advantage; a puppet.”.

    I think that Nick is as far away as you can come from being called a puppet!
    We all know who they are and now with the “Puppet Master” in jail finally we can get
    people elected that actually want to make a change and not kickbacks!
    I will be more then happy to vote for and support him!

    Boca Supporter!

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