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Greene meets Crist, announcement soon

by George Bennett | March 4th, 2009

Palm Beach County Commissioner Addie Greene discussed her possible resignation with Gov. Charlie Crist this morning and says she will announce her plans by the end of this week.

Greene, who said she is considering stepping down because of health concerns, described her 10- to 15-minute meeting with Crist in Tallahassee as “wonderful.”

Crist would name a replacement if Greene steps down. Greene, a Democrat and the only black county commissioner, wants the Republican governor to name a black Democrat to fill the seat if she leaves. State Rep. Priscilla Taylor, D-West Palm Beach, said Greene has talked to her about the possibility stepping down and having Taylor replace her on the commission.

Taylor said she probably would apply for the vacancy if Greene resigns, but stressed that the decision would be up to Crist.

If she resigns, Greene is entitled to a lump-sum retirement payment of more than $300,000 and an annual pension of more than $53,000, according to state retirement administrators. Greene, 66, has been part of the state retirement system more than 37 years. She was a teacher and state House member before getting elected to the commission in 2000.

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24 Responses to “Greene meets Crist, announcement soon”

  1. X-Palm Beacher Says:

    Well it’s about time…. her job shouldn’t be hard to fill…

  2. southbeach engineer Says:

    How appropriate, and another embarassment to PBC. The racist, and biggited Addie green spoke again. She is a disgrace and should be fired, not resign. All her reign she has been racist, and biggoted toward white people. No one in govt should state anything to single out favoritism due to color. She is defintely a problem.

  3. connie price Says:

    I totally agree with southbeach . She is a racist and bigot and will be glad to see her gone

  4. Godd Riddance Addie Says:

    Most definitely a racist pig!!!!

    I wonder if she really has health issues or maybe a possible indictment coming down the pike. After all one has to keep the reputation of the Commission in tact.

  5. Racist Addie Says:

    Isn’t she the one that claimed she was getting racist cartoons sent to her by white biggots?

    Then it turned out a black man was sending them to her.

    I think she also lambasted white cops.

    Listen, no white person today had a thing to do with slavery. Get over it Addie and Addie sympathizers….they just milk the race card for freebies……Jews, Mormons, Christians, White People, we have all been persecuted and bounced back….black people should focus on doing that to…and they will.

  6. sorry to see you leave Says:

    So so sorry that some people are still racist. Just beacause she speks whats on her mind does not make her racist. She has done a wonderful job while in office. Get over it

  7. NSmith Says:

    Addie Green is a major embarassment to Palm Beach County. What a Rcist B#@!#t!!! She is also a DEADBEAT! I used to work for a bank in the 1990′s and we used to have to go to her house and collect her payment for her #$%$#!@! payments.

    What a Hypocrite!!!

  8. Donald R. Cooper , Pamela S. Schindler Says:

    How dare you Mr. SOUTHBEACH ENGINEER; Racistism is still large & trying to be in charge here in WEST PALM BEACH. I now, without a doubt know that you are truly one… If Ms. Greene came across as beign tough, stern & to you a racistist; she had probable cause…take a seat at the back & ………..

  9. Don't let the door hit you on the way out... Says:

    Addie Green is a racist and should be fired. She is nothing but a negative drain on her office, and is a miserable example of an African American woman. her comments are not only racist but ignorant, dangerous and divisive.

  10. Native Cracker Says:

    This person and the grand wizard of the KKK are cut from the same bolt of material. These people are with out a doubt the reason there is still a race problem in this country. Now if she would just do everyone a favor and move to some remote place where no one can hear her spewings!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Black Adder Says:

    Yeah I bet she’d wants another Black candidate. One that ostracizes white constituents and hates Law Enforcement just like she does. She is a cancer to the commission and represents everything that is WRONG in race relations. She fails to realize, or does not care, that racism goes both ways. She does not aim for equal rights; her motivations HAVE ALWAYS BEEN for special privileges for her “people”. I wish no ill will toward anyone health wise, however, when you live a dishonest life and treat others poorly, you should expect bad things to happen. It’s called Karma. I hope her replacement is her direct opposite in their politics and myopic perception of their responsibilities to their office.

  12. koakoapuff Says:

    Well Well Well, One American of a different race has shown concern for the County she represents but because she has not allowed certain person(s) or area(s) of interest monogomize certain arenas, which may have meant looking out for certain people. “She is a Racist” what does that say for what u really want represented on the Commission??? Connie Price, Godd Riddance A., Southbeach engineer, X-Palm Beacher……….. She dealt with a medical issue without bringing it to the publics attention until after she had gone thru treatment for cancer, so the possiblity of medical concerns are Real. Addie maybe the only one who has not sold herself or her seat. HAVE AND SHOW SOME RESPECT….

  13. But God Says:

    Wow! Blacks has been experiencing racism all our lives, but the moment you feel like the tables are turned, you come out the woodworks. Well I say to that, judge not unless yee be judged. Because she wants to see black people get ahead for a change in positions that blacks are normally not allowed, you see her as being racist. No one can and will judge her but God. For the rest of you, I will pray for you because you really must be tired carrying around all that negativity. Black or white, God loves us all the same. Congradualtions Addie on whatever your decision and for whatever your reasons. You have done what no other black person has done. And you will get paid regardless of what these people think of you.

  14. Disgusted Says:

    Get a life you all who think racists.

  15. Racist Addie Says:

    $300,000 Payout to Addie?


    Well, maybe she will get indicted and her fine will exceed that.

    We can only hope what’s fair, happens.

  16. But God Says:

    You people need to really start reading your bibles. You are all hoping and wishing all these bad things on her, and plotting and planning. But if you spent as much time in your bible as you do online slandering Addie, you would know that that ditch you plan for her may be your own. And for those of you who still don’t understand. The same trap you want to catch her will be the one that catch you.
    Thats right Addie, get paid. What God has for you, it is for you. No man can take that away from you. So no indictment around can touch you as long as God has called it.
    It is really sad to see that people still think and speak the way you all do. There is no wonder why racism is still around. You all are the pots calling the kettle black (literally).
    May God have mercy on all your souls.

  17. NSmith Says:

    She looks like a Black Miss Piggy or a Madame of a Whore House. Look at those fake nails, all that makeup.

    She is nothing, but a
    Racist Fat Pig!!!
    She should be FIRED!!!!!!

  18. Nakita w Says:

    Addie Green is a crackhead. She has been buying her crack from Little Moe on Avenue s in Riviera Beach for the past 5 years!!!!

  19. tom Says:

    she is the aniti artin luther king

  20. tom Says:

    she is the anti martin luther king

  21. Debbie Says:

    Finally !!!!! Another one bites the dust. She should have been ousted a long time ago.

  22. Exnjcop Says:

    I wonder if the pension if not taken now would be forfeit if she were indicted and convicted? She wants to resign but also control who is appointed in her place. Is this the “Black” seat?

    She has always had the atitude that ” the man be keepin me down.” It was her desire, as it is Obama’s, not to do what’s right for the greater good but to spread as much tax money as she could to the Black community.

  23. Free Says:

    It is interested to see that so many will look past the image in the mirror just to pay more attention to the same disgusting details that are reflected. To kill prejudice once must first learn to not practice it. No one will respect your comments or listen if you do the same thing that you feel A. Greene has done to the people. Stay productive.

  24. southbeach engineer Says:

    So short sighted people. Addie Green withheld a vote for where to locate Scripts facility .. “unless black people got special treatment” This is illegal, and racist toward white people. What would happen if Burt Arronson said … I will vote if Jews get a special treatment, or Karen Marcus said… I will vote if white people get special treatment. Addie did do thsi and was not persecuted, anyone else would have been hung and fired. Racist is what she is and a embarassment and should go to jail with the rest of them.

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