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Jeb cuts TV ad for McCain

by Dara Kam | November 1st, 2008

Former Gov. Jeb Bush speaks directly into the camera in this ad that’s airing now in Florida.
According to a translation, Bush tells viewers the choice is between a “president who raises your taxes, or one who defends working families.”

“Difficult times require experience and bipartisan leadership.

“Join me, and vote for John McCain.”

3 Responses to “Jeb cuts TV ad for McCain”

  1. no party mom Says:

    Yeah what do you expect from a guy whos wife tries to sneak into the country a few years ago without paying duty on her clothes shopping spree. Remember that exercise in moral behavior fellow Floridians? She probably brought a few housekeeping staff back with her off the books as a humanitarian too.

  2. JEB THE LIAR Says:

    Jeb deceived the citizens of this state just like his worthless brother did in Texas and in Washington. His family has a hell of a lot more skeletons and scandals in it than Obama’s. Theat family is corrupt from day one and they all need to be imprisoned.

  3. Fred Says:

    Oh yes.. Jeb Bush the wonderful two term governor. Under Jeb, we had skyrocketing property taxes and insurance rates. He nor the legislature did a thing when it was occurring. Now we have a mess and Jeb is gone, endorsing other wonderful candidates. Jeb’s legacy.. looks a lot like his brother’s legacy…

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