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Rush Limbaugh has trouble voting

by Palm Beach Post Staff | January 29th, 2008

Count Rush Limbaugh among the voters confused by Palm Beach County’s touch-screen machines.

On his syndicated talk show this afternoon, Limbaugh said he was trying to vote in today’s primary when the screen seemed to freeze or “stick” on the list of presidential candidates.

“I hit ‘Next’ and it didn’t go there,” said Limbaugh, who lives in Palm Beach and often recounts the county’s electoral foibles on his show.

Then he hit the “Back” button and “got my candidate page again with the vote already recorded there. So I said ‘hmmmmm, I wonder if this is going to count twice.”

So he unclicked his favored candidate, clicked that candidate again and hit “Next” a second time – and it worked.

“I don’t know if I voted twice,” he said. “Probably not.”

16 Responses to “Rush Limbaugh has trouble voting”

  1. Mac is back Says:

    Great, so we have two more votes for Romney.

    This stinks !

  2. Mike Says:

    I thought Florida did not allow felons to vote. When then can Rush, a dead beat drug addict vote?

  3. North95 Says:

    Don’t worry Mr. Haibi, if you voted as you post here, you probably voted three times!

  4. abe Says:

    Rush must be a moron, the computer doesn’t let you vote twice, which is why he had to go back, he probably screwed up his vote.


    LEt’s see now…Rush has made 100s of millions with work and talent, and Abe has called him a moron! Ahh, that mainstream media training!

  6. Not Surprised Says:

    I’m not surprised by Rush. He’s a fool. He’s always been a fool. He’ll continue to always be a fool.

    And Mike: technically he’s not a felon. His adjudication was withheld pending completion of his probation and counseling; which he did….damn it.

    So technically that fool can vote, for some other fool.

  7. Nicholas Says:

    Mr. OLDPUPPYMAX: Well Chairman Mao became God to hundreds of millions with his work and talent, so I guess you have an argument.

  8. Ozonator Says:


  9. Steve Says:

    Having a little problem with the Post button there Ozonator??


  10. DAC Says:

    LOL @ all the Rush haters. Every mention of Rush on the internet brings them by the dozen to post some hardly intelligible insult. “Rush is an idiot! And a poopiehead!!” lol.

  11. Pinkie Says:

    You mean Rush “Limbaugh: Service members who support U.S. withdrawal are ‘phony soldiers’,” that guy?

    or Limbaugh, third wife parting after 10 years” that guy?

    Or “Limbaugh charged in Florida drug fraud probe” that guy?

    Or “Limbaugh

  12. Ozonator Says:

    Now you will upset LABI Limbaugh

  13. neclark Says:

    …couldn’t have happened to a nicer drug-addled gas-bag…

  14. Ozonator Says:

    In the swimsuit competition for Republican presidential candidate, it is widely thought, among us hillbillies (lacking a Rinnai), that LABI Limbaugh personally selected, for global warming’s Oven Mitt, a white potato for the front and a sweet potato for the back.

  15. Ozonator Says:

    Out on 2/13/08

  16. The Media Freedom Foundation » Election 2008: Vanishing Votes, Disappearing Democracy and Media Misdirection Says:

    [...] “when the screen seemed to freeze or ‘stick’ on the list of presidential candidates.” The Palm Beach Post blog[xvii] reported Limbaugh’s description to listeners on his widely-syndicated radio [...]

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